‘Bachelor’ Baby Watch: Ali Fedotowsky And Catherine Giudici On Their Totally Opposite Pregnancies

Ali Fedotowsky and Catherine Giudici are doing some baby talk. The former Bachelor stars are both pregnant and due just one week apart, but their pregnancy and birth philosophies couldn’t be more different. In an interview with Fit Pregnancy and Baby, Ali and Catherine talked about all things baby, including pregnancy symptoms, sex, and of course their baby bumps.

Ali Fedotowsky became engaged to radio host Kevin Manno after splitting from her Bachelorette beau, Roberto Martinez, while Catherine married Bachelor star Sean Lowe after he popped the question to her on his season of the ABC dating show. The two former reality stars are due with their first babies just one week apart, with Catherine due on July 5 and Ali due on July 13. While Giudici said she has had no symptoms (except a growing belly, of course), Fedotowsky said the early months of her pregnancy hit her hard.

I’ve been tired, and I was so nauseated during my first trimester that I lost 8 pounds,” Ali said. “I only ate rice, toast, bagels with cream cheese, and clementines.”

Fedotowsky also confirmed that, yes, she was actively trying to get pregnant, despite the fact that she and Manno haven’t tied the knot yet. Ali also revealed a deeply personal secret about a previous pregnancy that left her heartbroken.

After two months of trying, I had a chemical pregnancy [a very early miscarriage], which was a huge disappointment,” Ali said. “Afterward, I just wanted a baby so badly—nothing about that time was romantic. When I finally got a positive result, I jumped around the house, listening to Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby.'”

Ali has already said that she’s “all about” her growing belly while Catherine said she put off buying maternity clothes as long as she could.

The two Bachelor alums also disagree on the topic of sex during pregnancy. Fedotowsky wants nothing to do with it, while her fellow reality TV alum says she has “always” wanted sex with her husband, even with a baby on board.

Ali Fedotowsky is definitely ready for the very adult challenge of being a mom and has already signed up for breastfeeding and infant care classes, saying she is “so ready” for her bundle of joy, while Catherine counters with a comment that “there’s not one ounce of me that’s ready.”

The two also disagree on finding out the gender of their babies ahead of time. Ali and Kevin already know they’re having a girl, while the Lowes don’t want to know the sex of their child.

“Kevin and I are both high-anxiety planners, so we had to know,” Ali Fedotowsky explained. “I had a blood test at 10 weeks and I called the office every day afterward to see if the results came in. They were so annoyed with me. Once we got the envelope from the doctor, we drove it home and videotaped ourselves opening it.”

Ali is also all about the epidural while Giudici says not so much; she’s planning to go drug-free if at all possible. And neither mom-to-be is sure about how many babies they’ll have. While Giudici says she has always wanted five kids, it all depends on how this delivery goes. Fedotowsky says she wants to see how she feels about it once she’s a parent.

“After this baby, maybe I’ll be like, ‘I can’t wait to have another,’ or maybe I’ll love this baby so much that I’ll only want to have this one,” Fedotowsky said.

Ali Fedotowsky has been very vocal about her pregnancy and has shared all of her milestones with fans. Fedotowsky previously told People that the pregnancy was planned ahead of time and she even revealed that she and her fiance made the decision to get pregnant on July 5, 2015. Now, one year later Ali will have her baby girl in her arms.

Take a look at the video below to see Ali Fedotowsky and Catherine Giudici behind the scenes at Fit Pregnancy and Baby.

[Photo by Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images for Mediaplacement]