P.K. Subban, Snoop Dogg, And Celebrities Face Off In A Charity Basketball Game This Summer

Vito La Giorgia

Subban loves the spotlight and he loves making people happy. In 2015, he did both in a big way when he donated 10 million dollars to the Montreal Children's Hospital. His next benevolent moment will take place this summer on the basketball court of the Verdun Auditorium in Montreal, where Subban and Snoop along with a star-studded ensemble will go head-to-head to raise funds for each man's cause.

A portion of the proceeds from the 4,000-seat venue will go to Subban's Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation and Snoop Dogg's Youth Football foundation.

It's a great opportunity for the Canadiens defensemen to bring attention not only to his name but also his entire sport. It's rare that NHLers get to mix it up with stars the likes of Snoop D-O-Double-G. So far, Subban has done a great job of growing the game of hockey with his work as "Hockey Ambassador" for Scotiabank as well as his countless commercials and media appearances.

P.K. Subban has all the intangibles to be the face of the game. He plays for the league's most storied franchise in the Montreal Canadiens. He's talented, articulate, and handsome. He's got star power and celebrity friends. He knows how to have a good time without getting into trouble. Short of a Stanley Cup win, he's got it all going for him and going in the right direction -- not to mention being the most fashionable man in hockey:

P.K. and Snoop will each recruit 11 teammates of notoriety to play in the game. Subban, who is a native of Toronto, might look to the Raptors for support. Snoop Dogg probably has the more impressive rolodex when it comes to NBA connections, so Subban might be in trouble when it comes to drafting a team. If no one from the NBA answers the call, maybe Colts QB Andrew Luck might be an option as a passer, seen here with Subban:

The game between the "Doggfather" and the "Subbanator" will take place Saturday, June 11, at the Verdun Auditorium in Montreal, hosted by Just For Laughs in conjunction with Montreal's Grand Prix Weekend.

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[Photo by Federick Breedon/Getty Images]