Kylie Jenner Ignoring Tyga’s Texts After Breakup? ‘KUWTK’ Star Focusing ‘Solely On Work,’ According To Report

Kylie Jenner and her long-time beau, Tyga, may have split earlier this month, but Kylie’s not wasting any time on heartbreak. The 18-year-old reality TV star has work to do, and that’s exactly what she’s focusing on while she moves on from her former life with the “Rack City” rapper.

But according to Hollywood Life, Tyga may not be quite as ready to move on. An unnamed source told the celebrity media outlet that the 26-year-old rapper is continually texting his ex-flame — even when Jenner is choosing not to respond to his messages.

“Tyga’s still texting Kylie a lot, he doesn’t seem to have got the message that they are split. She hasn’t been responding to all of the messages, but she feels a bit bad because he sounds like he’s really missing her.”

Tyga missing Kylie? It could be more than just a rumor, especially when you consider that Tyga told TMZ on Friday that he still loves Kylie.

It makes sense when you consider that, all along, reports have indicated that Tyga would like to eventually marry his teenage girlfriend. Earlier rumors indicated that the pair held off on marriage because of Kylie’s young age and her inability to make that kind of long-term commitment at this stage in her life.

The drama that came with their on-again, off-again relationship could have played into their decision to wait for marriage, as well. The couple formerly known as “Kyga” have been known to break up on occasion, often getting back together within days. Additionally, their relationship has been plagued by rumors of cheating (by both Kylie and Tyga), and then there’s the whole issue surrounding Kylie’s older half-brother, Rob Kardashian.

Of course, People reports that Kylie and Tyga had issues with their relationship before Rob and Blac Chyna began dating, but the stress of Rob’s new relationship was ultimately what did “Kyga” in, an unnamed source told the magazine. Blac Chyna, who is the mother of Tyga’s son, began dating Rob Kardashian back in January. A few months later, the pair announced that they were engaged, and soon after Blac and Rob revealed that they had a baby on the way.

It was too much for Kylie and Tyga to deal with, People reported, and the pair ultimately called off their relationship sometime earlier this month. TMZ first broke the news on May 12. Jenner and Tyga were last seen together at the Met Gala on May 2.

In the days since her split, Kylie is rumored to have begun dating entertainer Ty Dolla $ign, but the source for Hollywood Life said that isn’t Jenner’s priority. Instead, Kylie is focusing on her career and building her own brand while she has some time to herself, the source reported.

“For the moment, she’s sticking to her guns and has so much going on in her life professionally that she isn’t thinking about Tyga or getting with anyone else.”

Kylie Jenner definitely has more than enough to keep her busy. In addition to her work on social media, her apps, and Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Jenner has become quite the make-up maven. In November, Kylie launched her lip kit, which sold out within minutes. She’s since added additional colors to the lip kit line.

What do you think of the news that Kylie Jenner will avoid men for a while and focus on building her own career? Do you think it’s a good move for Jenner? Why or why not?

Find out more about Kylie Jenner’s career and business ventures in the video below.

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