May 14, 2016
'Ocean's 11' Reboot: Jennifer Lawrence May Join Sandra Bullock For All-Female Version Of 'Ocean's 11'

The Ocean's 11 reboot may now have Jennifer Lawrence on board. A new all-female version of Ocean's 11 already has Sandra Bullock signed on to be one of the lead actresses, with a new report stating that Lawrence is in talks to join the cast. This would be a big "get" for the film, as Lawrence would give the studio another lead actress to bank on at the box office.

Sandra Bullock has been attached to the Ocean's 11 reboot for a while now and so has Hunger Games director and writer Gary Ross. Having worked with Ross before, it seems easy to see why Jennifer Lawrence may quickly join this cast. While the confirmation hasn't been made just yet, it has also created a lot of excitement on social media, possibly creating more interest among other potential cast members.

There are a number of rumors about who could fill out the rest of the 11 roles, but none of them have been confirmed either. The main fact is that Bullock would be the lead character, stepping into a similar role to the one that George Clooney played in three films. Those films were also re-makes of a 1960 version, which starred Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis, Jr.

The report from The Tracking Board breaks down some key plot points that have been revealed thus far. It includes a revelation about how this new version of Ocean's 11 will link to the Ocean's Eleven that starred George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon.

"Sources reveal that the story, which is expected to be a continuation of the mega-successful George Clooney-led trilogy, centers around Bullock's character, who plays an ex-con and Danny Ocean's sister. With a team of thieves, she sets out of steal a necklace from the Met Ball and frame a crooked gallery owner. Lawrence is being considered for the role of Bullock's right-hand woman."
Sandra Bullock On Red Carpet
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This brief plot synopsis also makes it seem possible that the Ocean's 11 reboot could have Clooney as part of the cast. Even if he is used in a small role early on in the film, it could give the studio an extra face to add to the trailer. In that regard, the new film might be seen as more of a sequel than a reboot. Success with an all-female cast like this one could also lead to talk of sequels later on down the road. Maybe that could even lead to a crossover film including both the male and female stars of the series.

The idea of doing an Ocean's 11 with an all-female cast has been around for a while. The credit for the concept has been given to producer Jerry Weintraub, who was working on the possibility with George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh. When Weintraub passed away, it seems that the idea got shelved for a while, but got revived by Sandra Bullock when she agreed to sign on to the project. Now it has taken a huge step forward if Jennifer Lawrence is convinced to join the cast with her.

Jennifer Lawrence And Amy Schumer
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The box office success for Ocean's Eleven ($450.7 million), Ocean's Twelve ($362.7 million), and Ocean's Thirteen ($311.3 million) on a worldwide level certainly gives this new version a lot to live up to with theater goers. Having actresses like Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Lawrence to anchor the film will get the buzz started, but the producers will also need to fill out the cast with additional women who can make the film fun. This should lead to a lot of additional rumors about the Ocean's 11 reboot, with many fans weighing in on who should get cast next.

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