Alien Space Invaders? UFO Starship ‘Jumps To Warp Speed’ Amid Fierce Lightning Storm Over Johannesburg, South Africa, According To UFO Hunters [Video]

An alleged, mysterious black UFO that appeared in the skies briefly over Johannesburg in South Africa during a fierce lightning storm was recently the subject of an animated discussion among members of an online UFO forum. Alien hunters claimed that the footage actually shows an alien UFO starship “discharging plasma” as it “jumps to warp speed.” Some speculated that the footage shows a UFO “jumping dimension” through a space-time inter-dimensional portal that opened up over Johannesburg during the lightning storm.

Others observed, excitedly, that the alleged incident over Johannesburg was reminiscent of a memorable scene in Neil Blomkamp’s 2009 science fiction thriller movie, District 9, — starring Sharlto Copley, David James and Jason Cope — in which an alien UFO appears and hovers menacingly over the city of Johannesburg.

However, in the movie, South African Special Forces were able to storm the ship and capture the aliens.

The footage, uploaded to YouTube on May 4, by YouTube UFO hunter Secureteam10, was filmed by an amateur storm chaser in Johannesburg.

It allegedly shows a black UFO hovering ominously in the sky over Johannesburg during an electrical storm last month. As lightning illuminates the sky over the South African city, the alleged UFO is visible momentarily as a black object. But, it disappears mysteriously with a small ball of light.

The footage generated excited commentary on YouTube with UFO enthusiasts contributing various suggestions to explain the footage. There was broad unanimity that it shows a UFO hovering secretly in the dark over the city, and that a secret invasion of South Africa may have occurred.

The footage, according to some enthusiasts, shows the aliens returning to their world, after a secret operation in Johannesburg, by “jumping dimension.”

According to the enthusiasts, the alien UFO was revealed just before it entered a space-time portal that transported the aliens back to their world millions of light years away, in another dimension or in a parallel universe.

The ball of light that flashes as the UFO disappears was a “plasma discharge” emitted at the moment of the alleged the space-time inter-dimensional translation, according to Secureteam10’s Tyler Glockner.

The alien invaders had apparently used darkness to “cloak” their presence, but lightning that flashed seconds before the alien starship “jumped dimension” revealed them skulking in the skies over Johannesburg, according to UFO hunters.

Other viewers suggested that the lightning may have revealed an alien UFO starship moments before it “jumped to warp speed.”

A wormhole

“A lightning strike lights up the sky and we see this black, stationary object sitting still in the sky for a very, very brief moment,” the narrator says. “It basically appears with the lightning strike and disappears just as quickly as the strike does. It’s definitely an object of some sort.”

According to Glockner, the ball of light representing a plasma discharge could occur during ordinary lightning storms, but it could also manifest when a starship “jumps to warp speed,” or when it “jumps dimension.”

One viewer thought the UFO probably used the lightning as a source of energy for the space-time inter-dimensional translation.

“Made me think of Back To The Future where the doc had to use lightning to charge the flux capacitor,” the enthusiasts said.

“They could be harvesting energy from lightning,” another suggested.

Responding to a skeptical viewer who complained that UFO hunters never capture “clear cut images,” an enthusiast retorted that advanced ET intelligence always “cloak” their presence from primitive humans.

“Advanced f**k**g intelligence won’t let themselves be seen by peasants like us… Maybe they understand how we’ll react.”

The make-believe technicality of the discussion was reminiscent of an occasion last January when UFO enthusiasts analyzed a footage that supposedly shows a UFO exiting a space-time inter-dimensional portal over Canberra in Australia.

Online UFO hunters vied to demonstrate their mastery of the physics of space-time inter-dimensional translation and the nature of “Einstein–Rosen bridge stargate” devices.

The discussants expressed diverse views about how advanced technological civilizations might use stargate devices to sidestep the barriers of space and time.

“I have seen a saucer open a portal up close and there was no light on the end it went into. I’d say that was a craft exiting a portal.

“Typical hyperdrive residue formation from a class B UFO… ”

“Looks like a Stargate hyperspace window.”

UFO “experts” who joined the forum claimed to have witnessed UFOs “jumping dimension.” One “expert” pronounced authoritatively that the footage shows a “class B UFO” leaving behind “typical hyperdrive residues” after it “jumped dimensions.”

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