Mother-Of-Two, 29, Dies During Buttocks Augmentation Surgery Gone Wrong At South Florida Clinic

A 29-year-old mother, Heather Meadows, passed away on Thursday while undergoing liposuction and a buttocks augmentation surgery at a south Florida clinic. The new mother died from “medical complications” related to the plastic surgery and left behind her newborn daughter and 6-year-old son.

The Daily Mail reports that mother-of-two Heather Meadows died at a south Florida plastic surgery clinic on Thursday following complications from a buttocks augmentation surgery and liposuction. The woman recently gave birth to a little girl and scheduled the treatments at Encore Plastic Surgery, Hialeah. The clinic did not disclose exactly what happened to the mother but claims that she died of “medical complications” related to the surgery.

Despite the death, the south Florida cosmetic surgery clinic remained open and continued to perform surgeries and schedule new patients for services. The clinic remained open for approximately two hours after the death and did not cancel any of the scheduled appointments at the facility.

Though the facility has no active complaints, it was reported that another Encore-affiliated patient passed away in 2013 shortly after her butt augmentation surgery. The 51-year-old woman reportedly died at the Vanity clinic shortly after undergoing a butt augmentation surgery at the hands of two doctors associated with the Encore clinic.

Other doctors affiliated with the Encore Plastic Surgery clinic in Hialeah also have had issues in the past. One doctor, Dr. Osakatukey “Osak” Omulepu, had an emergency restriction placed on his license last year after he was linked to the injury of four patients. Dr. Omulepu was accused of causing serious bodily harm to the four women, all aged between 29 to 35, and the Florida Department of Health files reveal that Omulepu was deemed as a “serious immediate danger” to his patients. The report noted that Omulepu “will cause significant harm to his patients.”

The death, though tragic, did not come as a surprise to acclaimed Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Jose Rodriguez-Feliz who says that there is a serious problem with plastic surgery centers in Florida. The plastic surgeon says that Florida lacks the necessary oversight to keep these tragic deaths from happening as they allow any physician with a medical license to open a plastic surgery clinic. Rodriguez-Feliz says that deaths such as Meadows should “never happen” and that it could be curbed with more oversight by state officials regarding proper plastic surgery protocol.

Butt augmentation surgery is increasing in popularity as many celebrity personalities flaunt their pert posteriors. However, as Heather Meadows death reveals, these cosmetic surgeries do not come without serious risks. NBC News reports that butt augmentation surgery is on the rise thanks to the increase in stars celebrating their buttocks. It was noted that “everywhere you look in the media, butts are in.” Therefore, many women are undergoing surgery to achieve a more curvy behind.

“It’s social media. The Kim Kardashians and the Jennifer Lopezes.”

Statistics show that many women are attempting to follow the bigger butt trend by seeking assistance from a plastic surgeon. The requests for silicone implants in the butt have “nearly doubled to 1,863 nationwide between 2013 and 2014. A less invasive operation that transplants fat removed from elsewhere on the body, dubbed the Brazilian, rose 15% to more than 11,000 procedures.”

It was noted that Heather Meadows traveled from West Virginia to have her surgery at the notoriously inexpensive south Florida clinic. Do you agree with Dr. Jose Rodriguez-Feliz that Florida should be doing more to ensure safety of plastic surgery patients in the state?

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