Dana White Doubts Ronda Rousey Will Return To UFC Octagon In 2016, UFC Fighter Expecting A Baby With Travis Browne?

A few months ago, UFC President Dana White anticipated Ronda Rousey would return to the octagon in July for UFC 200 against Holly Holm. After Holly decided to fight Miesha Tate and lost, it was announced Rousey would fight Tate in November.

Now, it looks like there is no timeline for Ronda’s return, and no one knows when she will decide to step back in the cage to fight. Dana White told Dan Patrick that he’s hopeful that Rousey will choose to come back in 2016, and he’s waiting on her call, MMA Junkie reports.

“Ronda’s going to come out and let us know when she’s ready to fight again”

Dana has talked for a few months about Ronda fighting in UFC 205 in Madison Square Garden; however, it is looking like she may not compete in 2016. Dana White revealed that he is giving her a much-needed rest because she has worked extremely hard the past three years. He feels she may need some time off following her tough loss to Holly Holm in November 2015.

A few weeks ago, Ronda was spotted training in Los Angeles, and White explained that she was in a better place mentally than ever before. After her loss to Holly Holm last year, Rousey admitted she felt suicidal and unsure how to move on. Ronda explained that the loss in the octagon wasn’t the hardest part of the loss; it was how the defeat broke her spirit and caused her to doubt her career choice. She explained that she hoped it helped make her a better fighter in the end.

Ronda explained that she promised to appear in the remake of Road House before fighting again, but the production of the movie halted. The producer of the film, Rowdy Herrington, has decided to shoot other projects first, leaving Ronda’s return to the UFC in limbo.

Those on social media have speculated for the past few weeks that Ronda Rousey could be expecting a baby. She revealed after declaring she wanted a break from fighting last year that she planned to have a child with her then boyfriend, UFC fighter, Travis Browne. Multiple media outlets have speculated that maybe she is expecting now, and that could be the reason for the delay in her return to the octagon.

Of course, Ronda Rousey has yet to confirm (or deny) the rumor of her pregnancy. UFC fans are left to speculate and wonder why a warrior like Rousey hasn’t made plans to return to claim her title and belt. Right after her loss, Ronda told Dana White, she couldn’t wait to get back to work and reclaim her belt.

For now, it’s safe to assume that Ronda Rousey is probably not pregnant. She may or may not return in 2016, but, undoubtedly, she will return to the octagon in 2017. Dana White refused to comment on the pregnancy rumors and stated that he doesn’t know anything about her personal life.

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[Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Reebok]