Brothers Who Threw Family Bulldog Down Stairs Forced To Flee Mob Justice

Two brothers who filmed themselves torturing a family bulldog, repeatedly throwing it down a flight of stairs and stomping on it, have been forced to flee their home this week fearing mob violence.

British residents Andrew and Daniel Frankish, 22 and 19, who tortured their family bulldog Baby so badly it had to be put to sleep, fled their home after angry protestors showed up at their house and smashed at least one window, neighbors told the Mirror.

“Once the story came out everyone in the town was appalled.”

The two brothers pled guilty to animal cruelty charges after the video surfaced and were given suspended sentences, fined and banned from keeping animals for life, but that didn’t sit well with animal rights activists.

More than half a million people signed a petition on urging the UK government to jail the two and their representative in Parliament asked the justice system to give them a harsher punishment.

When nothing happened, angry animal rights activists began to show up at their house, and the police were called out to protect the two from mob violence; at least one person was arrested, and police urged neighbors not to resort to vigilantism. Animal lovers constructed a memorial to Baby outside the family house while protestors took to YouTube to condemn and threaten the brothers.

“I’m afraid I fear for the safety of their lives.”

Then, outspoken critics of the two brothers published their phone number online, posted fliers around their neighborhood, and even flew a banner over a nearby stadium calling for the two to be jailed, according to the Mirror.

“When people found out what they had done it caused a lot of problems in the street. Their window was put through and they put up CCTV cameras outside their window which isn’t there anymore.”

Angry demonstrators began to show up at the house and the family was forced to install security cameras, but that didn’t stop their windows from getting smashed.

The family moved this week, days after their window was smashed, leaving no known address for vigilantes to follow, neighbors told the Express.

“On Monday after I came home form work I saw a woman putting boxes into a van.”

The video was filmed in October of 2013 but only surfaced this year after one of the brothers dropped the camera’s memory card on the floor of a neighborhood supermarket.

It showed older brother Andrew holding the family bulldog, Baby, over his head and gleefully throwing it down a staircase before stomping on its head and giggling. Then, he pile-drives the defenseless dog headfirst into the floor before throwing it into a wall.

When the dog was finally taken to the vet, her back legs were found to be paralyzed and she was found to be suffering from so many injuries she had to be put to sleep.

Inspector Gemma Lynch with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Animals in the UK told the Express the video documenting the animal abuse was one of the worst she’s ever seen.

“Everyone who has seen the video says it’s the most distressing thing they’ve ever seen – and these are people who have seen a lot of horrible things.”

The petition urging the government to punish the two dog abusing brothers is still circulating online.

What do you think? Should the Frankish brothers face jail time for their abuse?

(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)