‘Little Women LA’: Briana Renee Lashes Out On Instagram After Fans React Negatively To ‘Briana & Matt Ride Or Die’ Special

The first part of the Little Women: Matt and Briana Ride or Die special aired just days ago on Lifetime. The extreme criticism of her marriage to Matt Ericson prompted Briana Renee to lash out on Instagram on Friday in response to all the “hate” she has received.

After viewers criticized Briana Renee for continuing to forgive Matt despite several breaches of trust, apparently the Little Women LA star didn’t appreciate her fans having an opinion about her life despite the fact that she is airing a lot of it on reality TV.

After receiving some feedback that she wasn’t too thrilled about, Briana Renee jumped on Instagram and left a message for her fans. The pregnant reality star posted a meme that said, “Don’t talk about me until you have talked to me. Don’t underestimate me until you challenge me. Don’t judge me until you know me.” Briana got even more personal in the caption, which read,

“There’s always more to what meets the filtered eye… Part one of the special is over and all I get is hate but until you live a day in my reality you will never be able to relate. For those who are supportive I appreciate you… It’s easier to throw judgement, and say just walk away, than it is to listen and try to understand someone’s perspective. #alwayslookingup”

Briana Renee’s reaction came after fans saw a two-hour special about her rocky marriage to Matt Ericson. Little Women: Briana & Matt Ride or Die aired just days after the Lifetime hit’s reunion show aired. During the reunion show, it was revealed that Matt had been sending nude pictures of himself to other women and had been caught sexting with several women behind Briana’s back.

Reality Tea weighed in on Briana’s reaction to the negativity of her fans, most of whom just want her to be happy. Unfortunately, they just don’t think she will be happy with Matt, who has proved repeatedly that he’s not very faithful or honest.

The site also pointed out that Briana Renee likes to call herself a “fierce mama,” but when it comes down to it, she really can’t take the criticism of being on TV. It’s a wonder what she thought would happen by putting out a “Ride or Die” special after everyone who cheers her on learned that Matt still can’t be trusted. Not to mention that her friends and family have accused Briana’s husband of more than just sexting and cheating.

When Briana was recently hospitalized because she went into early labor with her baby boy, the Little Women LA star’s friends and family claim that they couldn’t even check in with Briana because Matt was busy blocking them and refusing to let anyone contact her. Most recently, Matt shocked fans when he told Briana that it was her fault that he cheated on her.

A lot of Briana Renee’s fans are questioning whether she will ever leave Matt Ericson or not. The Inquisitr previously reported when Briana said she was leaving Matt. In a sit-down special, the Little Women LA star said she was tired of Matt’s stunts and that she just didn’t even care anymore. She asked Matt for space and told him that she needed a break. Now the pregnant reality star is defending her relationship with her cheating husband and telling fans that they don’t know the whole story even though she’s supposed to be telling it on the Lifetime special.

[Image from Briana Renee/Instagram]