‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: New ‘BB18’ Promo Revealed By CBS

Big Brother 18 spoilers will soon include cast information, but CBS is trying to create some early buzz. A BB18 promo was released by the network in anticipation of the season premiere on Wednesday, June 22. While none of the Big Brother 18 cast has been revealed on the website for the show, nor has any confirmation that this will be a season of All-Stars been announced, producers poked a little fun at the show. Calling the contestants “rats in a cage” this summer, the proclamation has been made that “the claws will come out” during this installment.

Below is a Twitter post containing a YouTube video that producers have released. The intent is to give fans a reminder that the season premiere of Big Brother 18 is coming up, and that it should be another interesting summer of the exciting reality competition. Julie Chen returns as the host again, making this her eighteenth season at the helm.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, CBS announced that the BB18 premiere will be a two-hour episode on June 22. After the Big Brother 18 season premiere, the show will slide into its weekly time slots of Thursdays at 9 p.m., Sundays at 8 p.m., and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. With that schedule in place, the first BB18 eviction show should take place on Thursday, June 30.

If the producers follow a similar schedule to what has taken place in the past, the BB18 cast will enter the house over the previous weekend. That would mean a start date of either Saturday, June 18 or Sunday, June 19. That will give producers a few days of footage to use during the two-hour premiere on June 22 and then the Thursday episode on June 23. It means fans will also be looking for those early Big Brother 18 spoilers about what has been going on in the house.

Typically the 24/7 live feeds don’t get turned on until after the season premiere, so there could be a lot taking place in the BB18 house before viewers get a chance to catch up. It has not been revealed whether the Big Brother After Dark episodes will be shown by Pop again. Those three-hour shows typically aired late at night during the week and provided non-subscribers of the live feeds a chance to see footage outside of the CBS presentations.

A massive New York City premiere party has been constructed for Big Brother 18, giving fans a chance to attend an event with former cast members. There are quite a few past house guests already confirmed for the event, with 19 familiar faces already on the guest list.

Some of the former house guests listed to attend the BB18 premiere party are Carol Journey (BB8), Becky Burgess (BB17), Jackie Ibarra (BB17), Johnny Mac (BB17), Gina Marie Zimmerman (BB15), Jenn Arroyo (BB14), and Adam Poch (BB13). It has even been rumored that the twins from Big Brother 17 (Liz and Julia Nolan) will be in attendance. The whole event will take place on Wednesday, June 22, leading right up to the season premiere being shown on “dozens of TV’s.”

There are roughly five weeks until the BB18 season premiere, so the full cast should get revealed very soon. Look for one of the CBS morning shows (likely The Talk) to get first crack at announcing the names of the new house guests. That’s when fans can start putting together pools on who will win the $500,000 reality competition. Fans can also look for additional Big Brother 18 spoilers to come out soon in regard to the 2016 theme. That will likely answer the All-Stars question as well as if there could be coaches again this year.

[Photo by Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images]