Tyler Baltierra Stirs Up Marijuana Debate: Is The ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Using? [Report]

Tyler Baltierra hasn’t always had an easy life. He has been in the public eye since joining 16 & Pregnant with Catelynn Lowell. The two have been through a lot and managed to stick through it together. Baltierra and Lowell tied the knot last year after welcoming their second daughter together. After a long and hard decision, they decided to give up their first child for adoption. The process was documented on the show and is referenced quite frequently on Teen Mom OG. Recently, Baltierra had to step up while his wife was in treatment for anxiety and depression. The family has been reunited and things appeared to be going well.

Drug use and abuse grew deep roots in Tyler Baltierra’s life. His father, Butch, has been in and out of his life because of drug issues and other problems. Baltierra admitted he tried to commit suicide because of the lack of involvement his father had in his life. While many fans had assumed Baltierra was completely clean minus the occasional alcohol use, that seems to have been wrong. According to Radar Online, Tyler Baltierra is using marijuana. While the Teen Mom OG star has done all but come out and blatantly say he smokes the drug, it has been implied. There is a huge debate about whether or not marijuana should be legalized, and Baltierra has made it clear where he stands on the issue.

There has been plenty of conversation on Twitter from Tyler Baltierra and fans regarding marijuana and other drugs. It is no secret that Baltierra and Lowell partied hard as teenagers. Both admitted to using various drugs, though have said they currently clean. It has been several years since Lowell has used, but Baltierra had experimented on and off with some things. Currently, he is not messing with any of the hard drugs like heroin and cocaine but has admitted to trying them. Some Teen Mom OG fans had questioned whether or not Baltierra was a marijuana user, but it has never officially been confirmed.

It seems that some fans are torn about Tyler Baltierra and his rumored confession about marijuana usage. Right now, there are states that have made it legal and others that are working on it. Baltierra has made a point to retweet several positive tweets during the Twitter conversation he was having. Teen Mom OG has never filmed Baltierra using drugs. If the network and filming crew felt Novalee was in danger in his care, they would definitely step in. There is some debate on whether or not fans feel the baby is in danger being with Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell, which could cause a lot of drama for the little family.

After Catelynn Lowell decided to seek help for her anxiety and depression, Tyler Baltierra really stepped up for his family. He spent a month alone taking care of Novalee while Catelynn was away, which isn’t an easy task for a man who is worried about his wife. There was likely help for him as well, but he did the right thing and didn’t complain once about having to step up. Baltierra and Lowell have a relationship many can only dream of, staying together through everything and then marrying one another after 10 years together. Their story has served as an inspiration to many, even adults. Choosing adoption and then following through with it was something no one expected from this couple.

The media is attempting to make Tyler Baltierra look like a drug user, though that doesn’t seem to be the case. After the year this family has had, another scandal is not something they need. Tyler Baltierra has yet to sound off about the recent headlines, but chances are he will ignore them and move on.

[Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for VH1]