'Little People, Big World' Stars Matt And Amy Roloff's Divorce Is Final

After the premiere episode of Little People, Big World aired this week, TLC announced on May 12 to their Facebook page that Matt and Amy Roloff's divorce became final back in April. Going through a divorce is painful, stressful, and challenging, and being in the public eye makes it even more difficult. From what has been revealed so far, Matt and Amy Roloff have worked very hard to maintain an amicable relationship throughout their separation and divorce.

Matt and Amy Roloff will continue to work together to keep Roloff Farms running, and it remains to be seen if this is a feasible situation now that they are divorced. They have had problems agreeing on several issues in regard to the farm and the family business in the past, and the divorce will either make or break the working agreement they now have.

The first episode of the new season, titled "When Matt's Away, Amy Will Play," Matt and Amy clearly didn't see eye-to-eye on Amy's plans to host a progressive dinner at the farm. After tearing up a field, Matt confronted Amy, and he made the suggestion that they run any future plans by each other. Amy pointed out that she had already done that before she held the dinner party, and the conversation ended with both of them stating that basically they didn't understand each other.

Fans have watched twins Jeremy and Zach Roloff get married, and both of them would like to see the farm stay in the family. Jeremy and his wife, Audrey, have expressed the desire to someday live on the farm and want to see their children have the kind of childhood that the Roloff siblings experienced. Zach and wife Tori have also echoed that sentiment, although they don't have any future plans to live on Roloff Farms.

Despite what the Roloff siblings would like to see happen, all of these future plans and ideas are contingent on whether Matt and Amy Roloff are able to keep it all together. As they continue to go their separate ways and look toward the future, which may include one or both of them entering into new relationships, how that will play into the family dynamics remains unknown.

If Matt and Amy Roloff can't focus solely on business issues, they could reach a point where they can no longer work together. If that happens, keeping Roloff Farms may no longer be a viable option for the now-divorced couple. Jeremy, Zach, and their spouses have discussed that scenario and they all agree that they may need to find a way to keep that from occurring. All the Roloff siblings may have to band together to keep the family farm, and most of them seem willing to do that.

To their credit, Matt and Amy Roloff have so far defied the odds and have been able to continue working together. They both know that they have built something special and would like to see the farm stay in the family. If that means continuing to work together whether they really want to or not, then Matt and Amy both seem to be willing to make that sacrifice.

Are you a fan of the show? What do you think about Matt and Amy continuing to work together despite their divorce? Leave your comments, thoughts and opinions below. Little People, Big World airs on Tuesday's at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

[Image via Little People, Big World/Facebook]