Josh Duggar Can’t Shake Shadowy Past, While Wife Anna Seems At Peace

Josh Duggar can’t seem to shake his shadowy past, even while his young wife Anna seems perfectly at peace and at ease when in the public spotlight.

Of course, admitting to molesting your sisters as a youth and frolicking with porn stars while representing yourself as an upright Christian man, working for an organization that consistently targets gay marriage as being the reason behind the breakdown of the American family under the pretense of promoting “family values” may, admittedly, be a little tough to move past.

But Josh Duggar is seen very little in public, ever since being released from his stint in rehab to overcome his porn addiction, and sources say that when he does make a rare, public appearance, the eldest Duggar child looks simply miserable.

In Touch Weekly has photographic proof of that particular claim. The magazine recently published images of Josh Duggar dining in a restaurant in Florida, reportedly to celebrate Mother’s Day with the rest of the Duggar clan.

Duggar family had dinner together on Mother's Day.
The person who snapped the pictures of Josh, truly looking as miserable and uncomfortable as a person can be, says the Duggars are regulars in the beach town of Pensacola, and because of that, none of the other patrons were particularly surprised to see the many, multiple faces of Duggars, both big and small, gathered around a settlement of tables in order to celebrate the mothers in their lives.

And while the other multiple Duggars appeared completely at ease in the public spotlight, Josh Duggar looked increasingly miserable and often had his phone to his ear, as if he wished he were any place but there.

“Only Josh seemed not to be having a good time,” the source said. “Anna had her back to us but occasionally she would move around and she was smiling. She looked very much at ease.”

Anna looks at ease in public while Josh is miserable.
Of course, Anna Duggar is at peace — she has come to terms with her husband’s sins and has decided to accept him despite all of his troubling past. Although many questioned her decision, Anna has stayed by her husband’s side, through the troubling molestation admittance and Josh’s addiction to porn and his alleged affairs. So perhaps the reason Anna managed to look at ease is because she has never had much to hide.

Josh Duggar could not stay out of the headlines after allegations that he had molested four minors — three of them his own sisters — surfaced last year. Duggar admitted that he had acted inappropriately and thus brought shame to his family. This led TLC to remove the popular Duggar family from its line-up by cancelling 19 Kids & Counting. And no sooner had the Duggars managed to struggle back to a semblance of normalcy for their ultra- conservative, Christian family and lifestyle than they were knocked over yet again by eldest son Josh, when reports that the Duggar son had not one but two accounts on the infamous cheaters’ website, Ashley Madison, surfaced.

Before the Duggars could even begin to wrap their minds around that particular, devastating information, allegations were made by various porn stars, claiming that they had slept with Josh Duggar.

Through it all, even as she moved in with her parents in order to gain perspective, Anna Duggar remained consistent and steadfast. Josh entered a six-month, Christian-based rehabilitation center in order to save himself and his troubled marriage, and it seemed as though maybe the worst was behind the young Duggar couple. And although Anna seems genuinely able to put the past behind them, Josh seems to continue to suffer from the damage he himself wrought on himself and his family.

The Duggars have been very careful to avoid posting images of Josh on their various social media accounts, hoping to restore their fame and the good faith many of their fans had in them, as well as trying to not damage the ratings of TLC’s new spin-off series Jill & Jessa: Counting On. But despite the care of the Duggars, a recent outing to a miniature golf course turned into a source of humiliation and unwanted remembrance for Josh as parents, unwilling to have their children in the presence of an admitted child abuser, opted to leave rather than stay while the Duggars played, as the Inquisitr reported previously.

What do you think? Will Josh Duggar ever be able to put his past behind him and truly move on? Or do you think he will simply decide to remove himself from the spotlight of fame being a Duggar has placed him in?

[Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images Entertainment]