German Shepherd Stands Between Rattlesnake And 7-Year-Old Girl – Hero Dog Endures Three Venomous Bites To Save Child

A German shepherd dog bravely stood in between a venomous rattlesnake and 7-year-old girl. The hero dog suffered multiple, intensely poisonous bites, but did not budge, saving the child and her relative.

A rescue German shepherd is being called a hero dog for saving his young owner from a poised rattlesnake. The attack took place behind the family’s home in Tampa. The dog, named Haus, was bitten three times, but never attempted to scamper or protect itself. His heroism caused the brave dog to suffer from multiple internal health complications, but he survived. Hundreds of internet and social media users have so far pledged thousands of dollars for the dog’s treatment.

The girl belonged to the DeLuca family, who had just rescued the German shepherd. At the time of his rescue, the dog was just 2-years-old. Moreover, the family had brought Haus home barely two months ago, but the short timeframe was more than enough for the dog to develop a deep bond with the girl, named Molly. The protective dog didn’t hesitate to firmly place himself between one of the most poisonous snakes on the planet, and the girl, shared Maus’ father, Adam DeLuca,

“It shows you that a rescue dog, for us, paid it forward by protecting my family.”

Young Molly DeLuca was in the backyard playing with the Haus, who had become a loving family dog. Her grandmother was watching the two. While Molly was picking up the dog’s toys, Haus suddenly started jumping frantically. Next moment, the dog jumped in front of the girl. Before the girl could touch her pet, the dog backed up several times as if pushing the girl away from something.

The grandmother, who was standing in the doorway of the family’s screened-in pool, witnessed the scene. The woman went to investigate but couldn’t immediately understand what was wrong. However, the gravity of the situation soon became apparent after Haus began bleeding. The family rushed the German shepherd to the vet. The facility immediately put the dog on an operating table and shaved the leg that was bleeding and had become quite swollen. The leg showed three distinct bite marks of a snake. Molly’s father said the family resides near a state park that is a habitat for rattlesnakes and cottonmouths. He added that there are several dangerous critters that sometimes slip under their fence from the wilderness, reported Fox News.

It soon became clear, the dog was bitten by an eastern diamondback rattlesnake, which is considered the most venomous species of snake in North America, reported ABC News. Recalling the way the dog behaved during the attack, it dawned on the family that each time Haus snapped back, he was recoiling by a snake bite.

The poisonous venom quickly entered the poor dog’s blood stream and has damaged the dog’s kidneys. The dog began drooling and had extreme difficulty breathing. Despite the bites and the poison, he never fled and stood his ground firmly to protect Molly, said the child’s mother Donya,

“If it were Molly, who’s smaller, I don’t know that she would have made it. He was willing to give his life for our family.”

Vets administered a total of nine vials on anti-venom, which indicates just how much poison the snake had bitten into the dog. Doctors decided it would best if the anti-venom be administered through an IV and added that dog would make a full recovery. However, Haus will need a blood transfusion.

The German shepherd is currently in an ICU, which needless to say, is quite expensive. Each vial of anti-venom costs over $600. To help the family save the dog, a family friend started the fundraising effort, which has exceeded $51,000.

[Photo by Donya DeLuca]