‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: The Avant/Forrester Baby Arrives, Nicole And Zende Bond, And Sasha Fakes A Pregnancy

The moment The Bold and the Beautiful fans have been waiting for is here: the Avant/Forrester baby will arrive this week. The child will bring happiness to most of the family, as they celebrate new life and a new beginning. Nicole and Zende bond and decide to reconcile. Sasha decides to stir up trouble after having a pow wow with Caroline. She informs Zende that she’s having his baby. Zende will be shocked and confused by the news, and feels conflicted about what he should do next.

Next week on The Bold and the Beautiful, the week starts with Zende and Nicole trying to work out their issues and reconcile. Nicole loves Zende and wants nothing more than their relationship to work. She had hoped that being Maya’s surrogate wouldn’t damage her relationship with Zende. Nicole will be thrilled to know that Zende wants to get back with her and forget his fling with Sasha.

Just as they decided to get back together, Nicole goes into labor. In the delivery room, Vivienne, Maya, and Rick are there as she delivers a healthy baby. Zende puts scrubs on and sneaks in to support Nicole, just before she delivers the baby. The Bold and the Beautiful head writer and executive producer, Brad Bell teases that the scene is beautiful and heartfelt. The moment when the doctor hands the baby to Nicole, and then she gives the baby to Maya and Rick is a tear-jerking moment.

After the baby arrives, The Bold and the Beautiful promo video teases that Zende will tell Nicole she is a wonderful person, and he definitely wants to be with her. Nicole is thrilled, because it feels like their troubles are ending. The truth is, they are just beginning because her half-sister, Sasha, has something up her sleeve. She is about to drop a bombshell, and it will rock Nicole’s fragile relationship with Zende to the core.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Sasha will announce that she is pregnant with Zende’s child. As you can imagine, it causes Zende to feel conflicted about his feelings. In Zende’s heart, he feels loyal to Nicole because she is the only woman he’s ever loved. It gets complicated when he learns that Sasha is pregnant with his child.

So much for sisterly love. Sasha decides to put a plan into action to steal her half-sister’s man. Soap Central explains that Sasha hatches a scheme to keep Zende after having a talk with Caroline. It isn’t clear what Caroline tells her other than her pregnancy saved her marriage. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Sasha decides to tell Zende she’s expecting his baby and begs him to do the honorable thing and stand by her. She knows that Zende will stick by her side, and hopes the news of the pregnancy will end whatever bond he has with her sister, Nicole.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that a huge shocker is headed for the storyline when it comes out that Sasha has never been pregnant. She lied about the pregnancy to trap Zende. It supposedly comes out when her mother arrives in town, and calls her out on the sham. Is it possible that Zende could fall in love with Sasha and even after learning she isn’t pregnant, he decides to stick by her side?

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