Jennifer Aniston: Her Favorite Workout Class And More Fitness Revelations

Jennifer Aniston is the go-to celebrity guru for everything fitness and health related these days. It’s no wonder, either, seeing as she’s got the physique of a personal trainer and skin that would make any woman over 30 envious. Aniston is a constant source that fans turn to, an inspirational figure, if you will, that reminds us all how possible it is to look and feel fabulous at any age.

When it comes to the Cake star’s workout regimen, she has shared that it’s all about achieving a serious sweat and mixing things up in order to keep muscles awake and guessing. One of Jen’s favorite spots to go in order to achieve the results she’s looking for is Rise Nation where she loves using the VersaCLimber. SELF shares that it’s a studio the star attends in order to get going on her cardio. The publication notes Aniston’s words about her fitness routines.

“For me, changing up my workout routine is key. I always try to surprise my muscles. In Los Angeles, I work out at Rise Nation, which is a fitness climbing cardio class—it’s such a great workout!”

Founder of Rise Nation, Jason Walsh, talked with the publication about the benefits in using one of Aniston’s favorite pieces of gym equipment.

“It’s a primitive movement everyone can do. It’s non-momentum based, so you literally do all of the work.”

The VersaClimber is a cardio machine that works the upper and lower body at the same time. It is similar to a rowing machine that moves as fast as the person utilizing it moves. The machine mimics the climbing movement, hence the name of the apparatus.

In addition to Jennifer Aniston loving Rise Nation, a slew of other celebrities make the studio their top destination for fitness training, Hilary Duff, Ashley Greene, Jessica Biel and Rosie Huntington-Whitely can also be found at the popular fitness studio.

The fitness editor for SELF took a peek into the studio and relays what the draw is to Jennifer Aniston’s favorite class at the studio.

“The format of the class is simple: you’ll perform intervals of intense effort followed by intervals of recovery all set to a killer playlist. But instead of running, cycling, or rowing you’re climbing vertically, and that feels really strange at first. It takes a little coordination to nail the movement and stroke patterns, but when you break it down, you’re climbing a ladder. A never-ending cardio ladder from hell—it only took a few minutes before exhaustion set in.”

Even though Jen is one to workout multiple times a day and eat clean for the majority of each week, the star still shares that she struggles to stay motivated. Recently, Aniston shared her tactic and motivation for getting herself up and ready for another grueling workout. The Toronto Sun shares the star’s words about keeping motivated.

“Just bite the bullet and do it. Think of a wonderful pasta or Mexican meal that you want to have on the weekend and dangle that in front of you like a little carrot.”

Although Jen does love hitting Rise Nation for her climbing, cardio workout, the beauty also shared about additional ways she keeps fit and adds a variety to her fitness routines.

“Jennifer has always been a big fan of yoga, and tries to attend a spin-yoga class three times a week. These sessions incorporate 25 to 30 minutes of spinning, followed by 30 to 40 minutes of yoga.”

Cardio is always a must in Aniston’s workout regimens and she relays how she mixes it up.

“I usually do a trifecta. Fifteen minutes on the bike, 15 on the treadmill running and then 15 on the elliptical. You have to shake it up.”

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]