Kim Kardashian Marriage Crumbles Amid Weight Loss & Jewelry Obsessions? Kanye West Compares To OJ Simpson

Kim Kardashian has a new obsession – actually several, ranging from her weight loss goals to one of her sisters to an ultra-pricey bracelet. When it comes to flaunting those obsessions, Kim is currently showing off her whittled waistline while dishing on her expensive designer jewelry from husband Kanye West, reported Us Weekly.

Prior to their marriage, Kanye gave Kim a $35,000 Cartier bracelet for her 32nd birthday in 2012. Now Kardashian is sharing her memories.

“Kanye took me on a trip to Florence for my birthday in 2012,” recalled Kim. “He got me that Cartier panther bracelet that I cherish and I’m obsessed with.”

Kanye West styles Kim Kardashian.
In addition to that obsession, Kardashian is focused on her weight loss goals to the tenth of a pound, pointed out People.

After choosing the Atkins diet for restoring her pre-baby body, the 35-year-old star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians posted a photo showing the scale at 135.8 lbs.

“Yaaaassssss!!!! #Atkins,” wrote Kim.

Since welcoming her son Saint into the world in December, Kardashian has followed the Atkins weight loss program. She eats 1,800 calories daily, consisting of healthy fats, protein, and vegetables while eliminating sugar.

Kim had also shared that her pre-baby weight was 135 pounds, noted E News.

In addition to the Atkins diet, Kardashian worked out regularly. But she hinted that following her low-carb diet made it challenging to eat with others.

When Kim’s best friend Jonathan Cheban dished up noodles, the reality TV star was miserable.

“I F–KING HATE YOU JONATHAN!!!!” posted a hungry Kardashian.

While she’s succeeded with reaching her weight loss goals, Kim reportedly has another obsession that she’s not so open about, and that’s her younger sister Kendall Jenner, according to OK magazine’s source. Kardashian became even more jealous of Kendall after Jenner (nickname Kenny) was invited to the White House.

“Her growing jealousy over her supermodel sister went off the scale over Kenny’s White House invite.”

Moreover, Kim feels that she’s the one who deserves credit for Jenner’s success.

“Kim knows that none of them would have these opportunities if it hadn’t been for her,” added the source.

But is something else causing Kardashian to have all these obsessions? Kim has met with divorce lawyers, according to insiders cited by Celeb Dirty Laundry.

Kim and Kanye reportedly are enduring “brutal fights, separate lives, and crazy tantrums.” As a result, although Kardashian has not yet filed for divorce, she’s on the verge, according to those insiders.

“Kim has consulted with divorce lawyers and is close to having papers drawn up.”

In addition, Naughty Gossip describes the relationship between Kardashian and West as a “time bomb,” citing sources who described the crumbling marriage.

“It is falling apart quickly,” claim the sources. “The marriage changes from hour to hour. It is not going to end well….Both think they are the center of the universe. She spends time with her people who are paid to tell her that she is fantastic and he spends time with his people telling him that he is the greatest.”

Is Kim Kardashian feeling smothered by Kanye West?
During a recent trip to Iceland, Kim and Kanye also showed evidence that they’re having problems with their relationship, according to what one of their friends told Radar Online.

“Kanye wouldn’t let Kim out of his site [sic] during the trip,” said the buddy, who claimed that West put Kardashian on “lock-down.”

The friend alleges that West is smothering Kim, particularly when she sought to do activities with others.

“Kim had plans to do things with other people during the trip. But Kanye wanted to be by her side the entire time. If they were apart he would text her nonstop,” added the insider.

Adding new fuel to the divorce rumor fire, Kanye released new lyrics in which he says Kim will “kill” him, comparing her to O.J. Simpson, reported the Mirror.

“Wifey gonna kill me, she the female O.J.,” claims the lyrics.

The lyrics take on even more meaning with the background that Kardashian’s father Robert was part of Simpson’s defense team. In 1995, O.J. was acquitted for two murder charges.

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