Jordy Nelson Is Key For Green Bay Packers' 2016 Super Bowl Hopes

Jordy Nelson and the Green Bay Packers are hoping to once again be at the top of the NFC during the 2016 NFL season. They feel very good about their chances with Nelson back from the torn ACL that he suffered during preseason action last season.

Looking ahead at the upcoming season, Nelson will be the key to the Packers' Super Bowl hopes.

Last season was an absolute nightmare for the Packers' offense. Losing Nelson was something that Green Bay couldn't overcome. It became obvious to the fanbase and coaching staff just how valuable Nelson is to the offense, and how much more comfortable every player feels with him on the field.

Two years ago with the Packers, Nelson ended up catching 98 passes for 1,519 yards and 13 touchdowns. He was Aaron Rodgers' favorite target and there are not many receivers throughout the league that have the same skill set that Nelson possesses. Simply having him back will get the Packers' offense back on track.

Standing in at 6-foot-3 and weighing 217 pounds, Nelson forces a mismatch with almost any defender he goes up against. The combination of his size, strength, speed, and athleticism have made him one of the top wide receivers in the game.

Jordy Nelson must step up for the Packers in 2016.
[AP Photo/Brian Blanco]At 30-years-old, Nelson has worked extremely hard to get back to full strength after his injury. He has been able to see just how much he means to the Packers and is hoping to have the same impact this coming season.

Nelson's return will not just be the addition of one star receiver, it will also allow other receivers to play their game. Randall Cobb struggled in a big way last season due to being forced into the No. 1 wide receiver role. He was unable to live up to the challenge, but will get back to putting up massive numbers as the No. 2 receiver behind Nelson.

Davante Adams also struggled with the bigger role that he was thrust into. He looked like a bust, although the Packers firmly believe that he will get himself back on track. Add in the rest of the young talent that the Packers have at the position and there is no ceiling for the offense.

Green Bay is still fresh off of their divisional playoff loss against the Arizona Cardinals in overtime. It was a painful loss that the Packers will not be forgetting anytime soon. One can only wonder what the game would have been like if Rodgers had Nelson on the field to help make plays against Arizona's defense.

Eddie Lacy will be a major key for the Packers, as well, after seeing the way that he struggled last season. He was overweight and didn't look anything like he did during the first two seasons of his career when he was an absolute star. Green Bay needs to have a ground game that can help balance the offense out and force defenses to stay honest.

The Green Back Packers need Jordy Nelson to step up in 2016.
[AP Photo/Paul Sancya]Expect to see the Packers' offense take a huge step forward this season with Nelson back in play. He may not have been valued as much as he should have been in the past, but that will change moving forward.

If the Packers want to win another Super Bowl, Nelson is going to have to step up and play a huge role. Different players come back in different ways from a torn ACL, but it doesn't sound like Packers fans should be nervous about him coming back at anything less than his old self.

Do you think that Jordy Nelson is the key for the Green Bay Packers' Super Bowl hopes in 2016? Will he come back in star form, or will the injury take something out of him? Let us know your thoughts on the subject in the comment box below.

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