Chris Brown: ATV Crime Leads To Insanely Aggressive Anti-Police Speech

Chris Brown is back to breaking the law, as this Wednesday he was accused of disturbing the peace via reckless ATV (all-terrain vehicle) operation. After Brown allegedly broke some laws and proceeded to use some very rude words in reference to the police, law enforcement is recommending prosecution.

Los Angeles Area police received calls from Chris Brown’s neighbors at around 6 p.m. The callers said that Brown, who, according to Channel 24, was already “hated” by most of the neighborhood for being loud and obnoxious in public, was at it again.

Sgt. James Harper, an officer with LAPD’s West Valley team, reported the details of the call from Brown’s neighbor, says ABC 7.

“We had a citizen complain about two males in the area, riding ATVs, at high rate of speed through the alleys. The citizen saw a person he recognized as Chris Brown in the area.”

Brown and his unnamed friend were reportedly revving their engines and making enough noise to be guilty of disturbing the peace. Harper continues that excessive noise is not the only thing Brown was doing to prompt a visit from the authorities, though; he and his friend were also supposedly defacing the neighbor’s property.

“At that point, he came on to his property, did a couple of doughnuts on his front lawn,” Harper continued in reference to what he had been told on the call.

“The citizen asked him, ‘Hey knock that off, quit it.’ At that time we had a couple of obscenities thrown at him by Chris Brown. And then he took off down the street to his house.”

Needless to say, the police were at the scene quickly after receiving the complaint. By the time they had gotten there, however, Chris Brown had apparently parked his ATV and returned to the safety of his domicile, because he nor his unknown friend were anywhere to be found.

The neighbor who had called did inform the authorities, though, that Brown had yelled “f**k you and f**k the cops” at him before they had arrived.

Incensed, the police knocked on Brown’s door in an attempt to contact him, but they were answered by a bodyguard who told them Chris was busy and that they should contact a lawyer if that was a problem.

It is possible that the police would have let the issue go at that point if it were an average citizen in question or if Brown had not called out the cops specifically. In this case, though, they took what the bodyguard had told them to heart and did indeed file a report against Chris Brown with a Los Angeles city attorney.

“Obviously we don’t want citizens riding on the streets with all-terrain vehicles at a high rate of speed with no helmet and endangering some of the patrons that could be in the area,” Harper said, but one cannot help but think at least a little of the police force’s willingness to go a little further to prosecute Brown may be due to who Chris Brown is and what he said in reference to the LAPD.

Lots of Los Angeles Twitter users who have commented on this incident specifically are in support of Chris Brown, although their comments suggest they have not been informed of or do not believe the full extent of what Brown did.

Many of them have become familiar with the sight of Brown riding his ATV around LA recently, and they have even managed to snap photos.

More details of Brown’s case and whether the Los Angeles courts decide to pursue it will undoubtedly surface in the following days.

[Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for Drai’s Beachclub-Nightclub]