Jenelle Evans Pregnant With Third Child, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star To Welcome Baby With David Eason [Update]

Jenelle Evans has been making headlines for years. From her battle with drugs to her constant revolving door of men, the Teen Mom 2 star had a very rough few years when she began her work on reality television. Evans has grown up quite a bit since having her eldest son Jace, though she is still working through some issues with her mother to get custody back. Currently, Nathan Griffith is fighting for custody of the child he shares with Evans, though she is raising him on her own and has been since last fall.

Rumors have been circulating that Jenelle Evans may have been engaged to her current boyfriend David Eason. While that seems to be untrue, there are other more pressing issues happening for the couple. According to the Ashley, Jenelle Evans is pregnant again. This news doesn’t come as a shock to fans who have been speculating for weeks that something has been up with Evans. When the Teen Mom 2 reunion was taped a few weeks ago, fans commented that she looked heavier in her stomach area. While Evans has not publicly confirmed her pregnancy, the announcement will likely come soon.

A lot of judgment will be following Jenelle Evans with this one. Teen Mom 2 has shown the world all of her struggles but also documented her personal life the entire time. When Evans became pregnant again with Nathan Griffith after still not having custody of her first child, she received a lot of negativity. Some of the comments were supportive, but the majority of them were nasty. Evans isn’t one to dwell on what others think, and now that she is having her third child with another man, speculation is she will get married this time. David Eason will be the third man she has a baby with, leaving all of her children half-siblings.

It wasn’t that long ago that Jenelle Evans denied rumors of an engagement and pregnancy. It was laughed off as gossip and she went on about her business. Now that the secret is out, she will have to own what is going on in her life. Teen Mom 2 was picked up for another season, and filming has reportedly already begun. Speculation is that is why the pregnancy news is being “leaked” now. Evans won’t be able to hide a growing baby bump, and this may just increase ratings for the show. Details regarding the pregnancy are not clear, but assumptions are being made that the new baby will arrive sometime this fall or early winter.

David Eason and Jenelle Evans have been dating for less than a year. They met shortly after she separated from Nathan Griffith and just a few months later, they moved in together. Eason moved into Evans’ home and helps her parent Kaiser. In fact, she used him as a mediator when she needed to get a message to Griffith. The entire dynamic is a little bizarre, but it seemed to be work for them. Right now, Evans is working on getting full custody of Kaiser and winning Jace back from her mom. Eason is standing behind her all the way, even though he has custody issues of his own.

Just recently, there was a truce called between Jenelle Evans and her mom, Barbara Evans. The two have not agreed on much lately, especially her new boyfriend. David Eason called the police on Barbara at the beginning of 2016, and things escalated from there. Jenelle decided to extend an olive branch to her mom and offer her a clean slate. They have been acting like a family now, including going on outings. With the news of the new pregnancy, Jenelle Evans’ change of heart regarding her mom and boyfriend make sense.

Update: After Jenelle Evans saw the initial report from the Ashley, she decided to take to Instagram and deny she is pregnant. Evans insists the source is lying, and denies having another child on the way.

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