NeNe Leakes: Furious Response To Haters Who Say She Lied About Plastic Surgery

NeNe Leakes, star of shows such as Real Houswives of Atlanta and Glee, recently unleashed a fiery response to those claiming NeNe’s recent dramatic weight loss was a result of plastic surgery rather than Leakes’ genuine discipline and hard work.

In fact, Leakes went so far as to cuss out those who were calling her a liar.

The NeNe Leakes debacle began on Monday when Leakes posted to her Instagram a pair of pictures showing off the skimpy bathing suit she had worn on her yacht on Mother’s Day, along with a very hearty helping of cleavage.

Leakes posted a few more photos of herself in another swimsuit the next day, showing off similar assets.

Although it was not said in the posts, another probable reason NeNe Leakes decided to go on her Instagram frenzy is that she wanted to show off her new bod resulting from NeNe’s recent dramatic weight loss. The fact is, just ten days before posting the bikini pics, Leakes was posting photos in which she was clearly not as fit-looking as is the ones she posted earlier this week.

That weight loss in just a week and a half! Wow!

Leakes sat down with E! News on Wednesday and told them she had achieved her lightning fast transformation through discipline in her diet.

“We all know what our weaknesses are and what we overindulge in so it’s all about being mindful about what we eat and PORTION CONTROL,” she added. “That’s the key…because hunni, we like to eat! And having to deprive myself of anything is a no-no for a girl like me! Summer fun and sun is right around the corner so that’s a great motivator for me!”

There was no major backlash against Leakes’ comments until yesterday, when NeNe continued to flaunt her allegedly self-induced metamorphosis by posting another pic on her Instagram saying she had lost the weight through hard work and perseverance.

A good amount of NeNe Leakes “fans” simply could not believe such a drastic change could happen so fast without scientific intervention. Those fans had been staying quiet up to that point, but they disapproved of such a shameless post and decided to call Leakes out in the comments on lying in regards to her weight loss methods.

“Or getting laser lipo,” one of them replied to Leakes’ claims.

“Which is fine, just be honest about how and why you look the way you do and quit giving false hope to women who actually have a weight problem.”

“You look great!!!…And I admire your sense of fashion,” wrote another.

“But @neneleakes…let’s be honest… and please don’t be a ‘Kim Zolciak’ (We all know she is a BIG TIME LIAR!!! She claims EVERYTHING about her is just natural).”

One can imagine that such naysaying would be more than a little offensive to Leakes if it is not true. After all, a dietary regimen that could shed so many pounds in such a short time would not be a painless ordeal!

Whether Leakes was being truthful or not, she came back at her doubters… hard.

“Apaprently [sic] many of y’all on here believe that liposuction can work miracles,” Leaks wrote.

“If that was the case it would be a line outside the plastic surgeon’s office. I posted a bikini pic this time last year in yellow so I guess I got Lipo last year too! Don’t let the tv screen fool ya! This [chick] right here ain’t never been fat! Never had stretch marks! Never had a big stomach! Stop hating! Take the advice I gave you and push back from the table wit yo greedy fat a**.”

Ouch! Tell us how you really feel, NeNe.

Since then, Leakes has not mentioned the accusations again, going back to normal Instagram posts where she continues to promote her ongoing one-woman comedy show, “So Nasty So Rude.”

Only time will tell if we will hear more from NeNe Leakes’ weight loss disbelievers.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]