Tina Fey Signs Deal For New Show With NBC

Tina Fey, creator and star of the hit TV show 30 Rock, made waves today after signing a series order with NBC to help executive produce a piloted show called Great News, which will focus on a small, local news station where a large amount of antics and drama will undoubtedly be drummed up.

Entertainment Weekly quoted the premise of the new Tina Fey show.

“Getting along with some colleagues can be rough, but working with your mom? That’s a whole other story. When Katie (Briga Heelan), an up-and-coming news producer, finds out her overbearing mom (Andrea Martin) has rejoined the workforce as an intern at the station where Katie works, it might just be the worst news ever. But, with her biggest cheerleader at her side, Katie might finally get the recognition she deserves.”

Tina Fay won’t be the only name in town on the set of Great News, however, which will be directed by Beth McCarthy-Miller; produced by Universal, Little Stranger, and 3 Arts Entertainment; and was created and written by Tracey Wigfield, who is an executive producer on the show. Wigfield has said that Great News is loosely based off of events in her own life. Tina Fey, Robert Carlock, and David Miner will also be executive producing, said Broadcasting & Cable.

Other names in the show include Adam Campbell, Kimrie Lewis-Davis, and John Michael Higgins, reported TV Guide.

NBC also gave a series order to begin production for Marlon Wayans’ comedy Marlon, and called the show an “update to the classic family comedy.”

Marlon will be directed by Andy Ackerman, who also directed the pilot and is an executive producer on the show, and will be produced by Universal, Wayans Brothers Entertainment, Bicycle Path Productions, and 3 Arts Entertainment. Christopher Moynihan is the writer and executive producer. Marlon Wayans, Rick Alvarez, and Michael Rotenberg will also be executive producing.

Tina Fey and Marlon Wayans weren’t the only ones who cut deals with the network though, as Digital Spy reported that NBC had also ordered the production of a “spooky drama” from the writer of the True Blood series.

This means that Marlon Wayans, Tina Fey, and this new drama by the writer of True Blood now join the ranks of Powerless and Trial & Error, which were signed by NBC to begin production back in March, said Deadline Hollywood.

Other than the announcement of her show Great News, Tina Fey has also been working on a movie called Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, in which she plays a first-time international reporter who has been placed in Afghanistan, specifically Kabul, for her first assignment, reported the Inquisitr.

Tina Fey has long been a looked-up-to icon in the worlds of entertainment, writing, comedy, and television. With the dawn of Great News, there are bound to be ups and downs as all the details of the show start to be figured out, as the actors get more comfortable and the writers get more into the flow of the way the show works. Knowing Tina Fey there will most likely be more of the former than the latter, however, at least that’s what her current body of work tells us.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]