'Big Brother' U.K. 2016 Spoilers: Report Says 'Mob Wives' Star Renee Graziano 'Confirmed' To Enter House As Celebrity Player

Big Brother U.K. Season 17 is set to commence in June, as rumors swirl about the theme and what type of house guests will enter the massive abode. Some reports indicate that this year common folk will be thrown into the game with celebrities, which would make the season very interesting.

Although Big Brother U.K. typically does not release any information about cast members prior to the commencement of a season, reports have surfaced that claim at least one celebrity house guest has been "confirmed" to be part of the 2016 game.

Celebs Now reports that U.S. reality star Renee Graziano will definitely be part of the Big Brother U.K. lineup this summer. The website notes, the former Mob Wives cast member is the first "…contestant confirmed."

However, the Celebs Now report does go on to say that the information was garnered from a source that revealed to a British tabloid that Renee would be part of the Big Brother U.K. 17 group.

Unreality TV also reported that Renee will be on the show, writing that Renee was "booked" on the series. According to this particular report, insiders have revealed Big Brother U.K. show producers are "going all out to land some pretty outrageous characters… and they're going to start with… Renee Graziano."

Yahoo Celebrity also wrote about the rumors, and noted Renee would make a major impact on the house after being on Mob Wives. The VH1 reality series followed the lives of Staten Island, New York, women who had loved ones somehow connected to the mob.

According to Celebs Now, Renee is a very recognizable star in the U.S. due to the success of Mob Wives, a show she apparently left while filming the sixth season, the last of the series. Renee was part of the show due to her father, Anthony Graziano, being rumored to have connections to the Bonnano crime family, Celebs Now reports.
Telly Mix reports that the late Angela "Big Ang" Raiola, another Mob Wives star, was rumored to join Big Brother U.K. 16 in 2015, but pulled out of the series after being diagnosed with cancer. Sadly, she lost her battle with the disease earlier this year.
If Renee is actually going to be a house guest on Big Brother U.K. this year, she sure hasn't let on. On March 19, @iRealHousewives tweeted the reality star, writing, "…Celebrity Big Brother? Please say YAAAS!" Renee responded with a resounding, "I wish."

If celebrities are part of the Big Brother U.K. house this summer, it will be quite a change, as typically, the traditional version of the show only features regular people and lasts for about three months, similar to the American version. The U.K. does have a celebrities-only version of Big Brother that is shorter than the summer show and airs twice a year – in the winter, and then again in the fall around the holiday season.

The last celebrity series of Big Brother U.K. took place in January and lasted 32 days, wrapping up in February. American reality star Tiffany Pollard, best known for her stint on VH1's Flavor of Love and later, I Love New York, was part of the show and remained a house guest until the end, coming in fourth place. Tiffany was in the house with various British and American cast members, including Jonathan Cheban, known for his close friendship with Kim Kardashian and for appearing on the reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Jonathan, however, decided to leave the Big Brother U.K. mansion after just seven days.
As usual, every season of Big Brother U.K. is highly anticipated and rumors will likely continue to spread about who will be house guests until the season begins. But everything at this point should be considered innuendo and speculation, as until the series premieres, there is no way to truly know which celebrities, if any, will be part of Season 17.

What is certain is the house will be filled with dynamic characters who will bring drama, excitement, and emotion to the Big Brother U.K. game.

[Photo by Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images]