Picking Elizabeth Warren For Veep Would Be A Wise Strategy For Hillary Clinton

Choosing Elizabeth Warren for Vice President would be a wise strategic move by Hillary Clinton. There are several reasons why the Massachusetts senator is an ideal choice for the United States’ second most important position.

Hillary Clinton should first secure the Democratic nomination in order for anything to come to fruition. Choosing a potential running mate can happen prior to locking up the ticket. Prior to suspending his bid for the Republican nomination, Texas senator Ted Cruz appointed Carly Fiorina as his right hand. Unfortunately, his decision to select a vice presidential candidate led to embarrassment once he left the race. Clinton must outlast Bernie Sanders, whose campaign is gathering steam.

It is improbable for Bernie Sanders to catch and surpass Hillary Clinton’s delegate count, but a contested convention is all but guaranteed. It is there that he can state his case for the nomination. No one can afford to jump the gun. Not until the dust settles.

Hillary Clinton can convince Elizabeth Warren to be her running mate, only to get into a contested convention. A major fumble will take place if the Democratic Party changes course and chooses Bernie Sanders instead. Nothing is promised to anyone. How sluggish Hillary Clinton’s campaign has gone over the past couple of months, she needs a jolt of excitement.

The exciting moments are sure to come if Elizabeth Warren is selected as a vice presidential candidate.

Elizabeth Warren for Veep is not a strange notion. According to Politico, had Joe Biden ran for the Democratic nomination, he would have asked Warren to be his running mate. That garnered great interest among voters.

For Hillary Clinton, her campaign could pick up some steam over the next few weeks. It would be wise for Clinton to introduce Elizabeth Warren as a vice presidential option.

There are a contingent of people who see the opportunity of appointing Warren for running mate as a golden one. Elizabeth Warren’s presence would help Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. It would give the Democratic front-runner a needed advantage.

Slate’s Michelle Goldberg believes that Clinton’s campaign will be resuscitated by placing Elizabeth Warren on her ticket.

Going with Elizabeth Warren as her Veep would be an out-of-the-box idea for Clinton. They are somewhat opposites. Balance would be provided to the Democratic ticket because of their different views on how to get things done. Warren’s progressive ideas could compliment Clinton’s policies.

Hillary Clinton is seen as a presidential candidate who straddles closer to the middle, than to the right, with many of her proposals. She could benefit from Elizabeth Warren’s voice on issues that affect those whose views are far to the left of the political world.

Those who are hoping that Bernie Sanders can create a comeback story may warm up to the idea of a Clinton/Warren Democratic ticket. As Warren’s views are much closer that of Bernie Sanders, than those of Hillary Clinton. If she holds him off that is.

Buzz from the idea of Elizabeth Warren as a possible VP candidate helps Clinton’s campaign tremendously. Even if she decides on another running mate, it is likely some voters will begin to look at her differently. Flirting with that idea is sure to alter her unfavorable ratings, which were an astonishing 55 percent in early April. Right now, only Bernie Sanders has a high approval rating of the three major candidates remaining.

Campaigning has come to a lull for Hillary Clinton. Leading comfortably in the delegate count can do that to any presidential candidate. For every supporter of hers, you will find those who feel the exact opposite. Many of the opposition have grown tired of the politics as usual approach Clinton has employed when she is stumping for votes.

Others are using the same tactics, the tried and true policies that may have worked years ago. Recently, those policies have turned off much of the voting public who appear to be looking at options such as Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. They seem to have the interest of the dismayed constituents.

Elizabeth Warren as a running mate for Hillary Clinton’s ticket is a pseudo reach across the aisle as far as Democracy is concerned. It would be her attempt to gain voters who would much rather have Bernie Sanders as the nominee going against Donald Trump.

Choosing Elizabeth Warren as the Veep would be a wise move for Hillary Clinton. She needs a burst of fresh air and energy around her. Even the thought of Elizabeth Warren as a vice presidential candidate could save her campaign. It could also help her opponent, Bernie Sanders build some more steam.

A mere thought is not a reality, at least not yet.

Hillary Clinton could find her possible invitation to Elizabeth Warren rebuffed. That would only add more fuel to the fire for Bernie Sanders, as he looks to convince the Democratic Party that he is the better option at the convention. Embarrassment from a declined invitation would nearly be equal to what happened with Ted Cruz just weeks ago. What Clinton does from now until the Democratic convention must be carefully thought out. Severe consequences could come out of this if the choosing of any vice presidential candidate is fumbled.

For now, just talking about Elizabeth Warren as a running mate possibility is helping Hillary Clinton. For her fledgling campaign, that is all that matters.

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