Bernie Sanders ‘Magick Ritual’ Portland Campaign Event Planned For Wiccans, Druids, Pagans

Bernie Sanders supporters hailing from various magickal sects such as Wicca and Druidism will meet together on Friday night in Portland, Oregon, to invigorate the candidate’s campaign with spiritual energy.

It may sound an awful lot like a satirical news story at first glance, but Bernie’s official campaign website is currently hosting the ad. Furthermore, pagans for Sanders doesn’t sound too far off for Portland — which is home to a large community of Celtics, Wiccans, and Druids.

Bernie Sanders campaign riutal event magick Wiccan

For a city that sparked a sketch comedy series poking fun at its specific breed of offbeatness, Portland playing host to Bernie’s first magickal campaign event is probably unsurprising to most residents. In fact, Twitter response to the whole ordeal seemed relatively unfazed. Sanders and Portland, as some political analysts have noted in the lead-up to Tuesday’s Democratic primary, seem to go hand in hand.

Calling for Bernie supporters of all magickal creeds, the announcement implores Portlanders to come out and participate in a ritual to help out the Sanders campaign.

“Clearly you’re feeling the Bern. Maybe you’re a Wiccan? Pagan? Goddess worshiper? Heathen? Druid? Spiritual but not religious? Secular Jew? Spiritually open minded? Unafiliated? Athiest who likes ritual? Other? And you would like to engage with a community of like minded individuals to raise the energy of the Bernie Sanders vibration to a higher frequency and ultimately change the world for our children, grandchildren, and all future generations. I hear you!”

Known for its stunning urban green spaces, Portland’s nature-loving religion meet-up will be hosted in one of the city’s many parks. Bernie’s supporters will be gathering in the city’s southeast Woodstock Park.

“Please meet me at Woodstock Park (in the open area near SE 47th and Steele) for a Ritual for [Sanders]. We will be focusing our energy in manifesting our intentions for the most positive, most beneficial, most heartful outcome to the upcoming primary and national election cycle. “

Participants also seem to have honed in on the charitable spirit of Bernie’s campaign that exists outside of their magick ritual. Those who bring their energy to the event are expected to donate to a local food bank as well.

“Please bring a donation of canned goods for the Oregon Food Bank and a beverage and/or snack to share after the event. Please also wear your Bernie gear!”

If you’re interested in the magickal gathering, you can RSVP on the Sanders event’s website. Only 100 slots are available, more than a quarter of which have already disappeared.

“I look forward to sharing space and making magick with you!”

This magick event is, of course, in anticipation of the Oregon primary on Tuesday. With one of the largest delegate counts left in the race, it’s been long projected by Bernie’s campaign to fall heavily in his favor. That’s partially because of Portland’s reputation as a liberal refuge. Unfortunately for Sanders, the most recent poll information has not fallen in his favor. Oregon Public Broadcasting and the local Fox affiliate have released a primary poll of 304 likely Democratic voters that indicates a strong win for Hillary Clinton. The survey calls her taking 48 percent of the vote to his 33 percent — a full 15 percentage point advantage.

Bernie Sanders campaign riutal event magick Wiccan

Will you be attending the Portland Bernie Sanders magick ritual event in Portland, or attend something similar for Wiccans, Druids, and other pagan religions in your area?

[Image via Scott Olson and Andrew Burton/Getty Images]