‘Nashville’ Being Shopped By Other Networks, Could Return

Yesterday big news came out that Nashville was canceled after four seasons. Now fans are doing everything that they can to try to get the show to come back again. Entertainment Weekly shared that after four seasons, Nashville is still a very popular show. Lionsgate is now looking for someone new to take over the show and air it on their network. Nashville fans know that they won’t be ending it knowing that it was a series finale, so there could be a few cliffhangers.

The writers of Nashville had no idea going into this season finale that it would be the last season for the show. This news only came out two weeks before the ending. This means that it would be hard for Nashville to be able to tie up all of the loose ends. They won’t have a chance to change things up, but instead will simply be showing their regular season finale of Nashville. They are known for cliffhangers.

Lionsgate television group chairman Kevin Beggs sent out an e-mail to employees that said, “We’re looking for a new home. We never give up on a great show.” Right now, Hulu has the rights to previous seasons of the show. Netflix and Hulu are both starting to do more original shows. When Longmire was canceled, Netflix made the decision to pick it up and bring it back again. Amazon has also been doing a few original shows of their own. This leaves a lot of places that could want Nashville, and they aren’t even the major networks. ABC is done with Nashville, but there are a lot of other networks that could be open to the idea.

CMT is another name that is being thrown around. They have a few original shows, such as I Love Kellie Pickler, and this channel would be a great fit for Nashville. Nobody knows at this point if CMT is even interested in Nashville, though. Hopefully, they will be able to find someone soon that wants Nashville. If they can’t, the actors and actresses will be moving on to new jobs. Fans would love to see it come back, but if they lose a lot of the main characters then Nashville just wouldn’t be the same.

People shared that there is a lot of talk about the chance that Season 5 will happen for Nashville. They shared that DirectTV and Epix could also be contenders for picking up Nashville for another season. Connie Britton went to her Instagram page to share her thoughts about the cancellation of Nashville with her fans.

“To the amazing friends and family who are Nashville, to the cast and crew, and most of all to the fans…I’d just like to say it’s been my honor to be a part of this world, to live in it and breathe it in and try to replicate it. Sometimes we were more successful than others. But the place of Nashville in my heart is deep and permanent. I am grateful for the hard work and faith of so many who dedicated themselves to creating and supporting this show. And I am forever changed for the better. Thanks for the music.”

Are you shocked to hear that Nashville was canceled by ABC? Do you think that another network should pick this show up? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss the last two episodes on Wednesday nights on ABC. If Nashville is picked up by another network, it could be a while before the news is revealed.

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]