‘Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’ Gets New, Original CHVRCHES Song

Critically-acclaimed synthpop band CHVRCHES has created an original, exclusive song for the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst soundtrack, according to a recent press announcement made by EA and DICE. The song, which will appear in the actual game, is titled “Warning Call,” and it becomes available to stream or download starting Friday, May 13, on all major services, including iTunes and Spotify.

“Warning Call” brings a degree of musical depth to the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst experience. Players can hear “Warning Call” featured at both the beginning and ending of the game, which is scheduled for a worldwide release in June. The song can also be heard in an additional hidden location for those players who explore the city of Glass and unlock its secrets.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst puts players in the role of a strong, defiant heroine named Faith. As a Runner in the dystopian futuristic city of Glass, Faith learns all is not perfect in her outwardly beautiful city as she fights against oppressive elitism. CHVRCHES frontwoman Lauren Mayberry has written the lyrics of “Warning Call” from Faith’s perspective in a way that “perfectly depicts her world, struggles and strength.”

In addition, the announcement from EA describes how the city in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst served as an inspiration to the band when creating the charged, electronic beat.

“The band was drawn to and inspired by the game’s city of Glass setting with its sweeping, futuristic skylines, and wanted to evoke an otherworldly feeling in the music to match the visual aesthetic of the game. Intrepid listeners will also hear elements of the game’s main theme throughout ‘Warning Call’ itself.”

CHVRCHES band member Iain Cook gives his impression of the collaboration in a statement to the press.

“We were honored to be asked to contribute to the soundtrack for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. The sound of CHVRCHES’ music resonates with the minimalist sci-fi dystopia of the Mirror’s Edge world, and we feel that the song complements the drama, emotion and empowering themes of Faith’s story.”

Before embarking on their currently in-progress world tour, CHVRCHES completed recording for “Warning Call” at their Alucard Studio in Glasgow. Prior to “Warning Call,” the band released their second album, titled Every Open Eye, in the fall of 2015 to chart-topping success.

Returning from the original Mirror’s Edge to score the rest of the Catalyst soundtrack is synth legend Solar Fields, aka Magnus Birgersson. The game’s main theme and all of the character themes are being scored by Birgersson, who worked closely with DICE and EA to tweak these tunes into their final forms. To preview the game’s score, listen to a sample track courtesy of the official EA SoundCloud stream.

Birgersson explains, in an interview published on the official Mirror’s Edge website, how the gamer and the overall gameplay experience is impacted by the music he creates while working with the DICE development team.

“My job is recreating these game environments musically and enhancing moments in the game. Setting the story to music, getting things like tempo changes perfect, and making everything sync with the gameplay is really challenging,” he explains. “… As a runner, we want the music to help you keep moving. After all, your momentum is key to the game.”

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be released on June 7 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Origin for PC in North America. Listen to “Warning Call” by CHVRCHES in the official video below provided by Nettwerk Music.

[Image via EA/DICE]