Redlands High School Teacher Arrested: 6 Counts Of Misconduct With A Minor

Redlands High School teacher Kevin Patrick Kirkland, 56, is in custody after fleeing California to Arizona. Under investigation, this high school teacher allegedly continued to pursue a minor.

According to Press Enterprise, the Redlands teacher was arrested for reportedly having a sexual relationship with one of the students from the school. Allegedly, at first, the high school teacher was reported by other administrative faculty for an inappropriate relationship of sorts with a minor. Redlands Police investigated the case. However, after interrogation and going over the evidence, the situation was ruled as “non-criminal.”

Yet, while under that investigation, the Redlands High School teacher also allegedly had an ongoing sexual relationship with another student. KTLA-5 News mentions that the teacher began the inappropriate relationship when the student was 16 years of age, and he carried it on until the student turned 18.

The source notes that the high school teacher was under “extensive investigation” when police authorities discovered his alleged sexual acts with the underage student. During the investigation, the Redlands Unified School District put the teacher on administrative leave last month. While on leave, the high school teacher fled to Arizona. Detectives found him in Gilbert, reports Press Enterprise. Another source, the San Bernardino Sun, mentions that he has family in the Arizona community.

Redland detectives brought the instructor back to Southern California to face charges, says KTLA-5 News. The source mentions that the San Bernardino County District Office filed five counts of “oral copulation of a minor.” Likewise, the high school instructor received another charge — “distributing harmful matter to a minor with intent to seduce.”

Right now, the Redlands High School teacher is jailed at the West Valley Detention Center, in Rancho Cucamonga. According to Press Enterprise, he could’ve been arrested by Arizona authorities. However, he waived extradition in order for Redlands authorities to take him into custody. The source states that his bail is set at $2 million.

Kevin Kirkland was a math teacher at Redlands High School. So far, the school hasn’t made any public announcements or statements via its website, Twitter, or Facebook pages.

However, according to San Bernardino Sun, the Redlands Unified School District did release a statement about the teacher’s “professionally inappropriate” behavior, as follows.

“Student safety is a priority in our school district. We take all reports of alleged misconduct seriously…

“The district has worked closely with RPD in their on-going investigation into this unfortunate incident and has offered support to the student and her family…The district is required to protect the privacy and due process rights of everyone involved and cannot at this time comment further as we allow the judicial process to move forward.”

Redlands Police spokesperson Carl Baker mentioned that there’s currently no evidence that suggests the high school teacher has had more sexually inappropriate relationships with other students at the school. However, he urges anyone with relevant information to come forth.

One of Redland’s students found out about the high school teacher via Twitter and was shocked. Alex Burchinal, 19-year-old former RHS golf member, noted as follows.

“I first saw it on Twitter and I honestly was in shock. From what I knew of him, he was a good guy but I guess there may have, obviously, been things we didn’t know.”

The former Redlands High School student mentioned that, in his three years of knowing the teacher, everything seemed positive.

According to sources, if anyone has any additional information regarding the aforementioned Redlands High School teacher, the person should contact Detective Kelli Bishop at or Redlands Police Dispatch at (909) 798-7681.

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[Image via Redlands Police Department]