Eileen Davidson Talks About ‘RHOBH,’ Her Feud With Lisa Vanderpump, And Her Relationship With Lisa Rinna

Eileen Davidson is more than just a soap opera queen; she is also a reality TV star. She hopes Bravo asks her to come back for Season 7, but if not she says it was a fun experience. Eileen talks about her time on RHOBH, her feud with Lisa Vanderpump, and her close friendship with Lisa Rinna.

Eileen acknowledged that she brought more drama the past season on RHOBH than in her first. She knew that going against the fan favorite and queen of the show was a risky move, but she felt that someone had to hold her accountable for her actions. It was a move that took her and Rinna from fan favorites to one of the most hated housewives in the franchise.

“I’m a very honest person and that’s the way I wanted to be on the screen. People have to learn to own their own stuff and it doesn’t seem like Lisa is in a place to do that. There were shenanigans and it’s not easy calling people out on their stuff. I don’t do it to be provocative, but if it’s there, then I’m going to talk about it.”

Soap Opera Digest revealed that Davidson felt more of a connection with Kyle Richards than anyone else. She stated that Kyle has been a Housewives star for years, and knows how to bring the drama when she needs to create a storyline for herself.

Eileen explained Kyle has learned through years of being close to Vanderpump that it is easier to play by her rules than to be her enemy. Kyle figured that it is better to be on good terms with her, and not go against her, even when she does questionable things to the rest of the cast.

Davidson noted that she was thankful for her friendship with Lisa Rinna. She feels grateful that her relationship with her is stronger today than it was at the beginning of the RHOBH journey. Eileen explained that the show was challenging for Rinna, and she may have reacted in a harsh way to certain circumstances. She noted that Rinna has a heart of gold and never meant to hurt anyone’s feelings on the show.

Eileen stated that she felt like if she was going to be on a reality show, she had to be true to herself, and present herself (truthfully) to her fans.

“I have been perceived as a strong, together woman my whole life. I thought I owed it to my audience to let them know I had my struggles and had to overcome very difficult times. After the last season on RHOBH, I received amazing emails and tweets from women saying they were in an abused relationship and found strength from me talking about my experience. So, for that reason alone, I am glad I opened up about my experience.”

Davidson claims that her job on The Young and the Restless is less stressful and way less dramatic than the RHOBH gig. She hopes that Bravo asks her to return for Season 7, but if they don’t, she has no regrets about her stint on the show.

Davidson explained that the show taught her to be more open about her life and her personal struggles. Eileen noted that she learned this season when she and Rinna went against Vanderpump that the RHOBH fans can be incredibly cruel. She’s learned to block her haters on social media.

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[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Family Equality Council]