Donald Trump Plans To ‘Napalm’ Hillary Clinton With Conspiracy Theories Of Murder And Infidelity, Report Says

Donald Trump plans to bombard Hillary Clinton with a vast array of outrageous charges drawn from the works of a small group of right-wing conspiracy theorists, a group that includes one of Trump’s longtime close advisers, according to a new report this week by The Daily Beast.

According to Daily Beast political writer Olivia Nuzzi, the false and unverifiable claims could even include the accusation that Hillary Clinton was directly responsible for the deaths of 76 people in a standoff between the federal government and members of the Branch Davidian religious cult in Waco, Texas, in 1993.

Most of the bizarre accusations against Clinton have circulated for years among conspiracy theorists. They became so widespread during Bill Clinton’s presidency that in 1995 the Clinton White House produced a secret study titled “The Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce,” documenting how the “fringe stories” concocted by right-wing operatives — including at least one who now advises Donald Trump — made their way into “legitimate media.”

The once-confidential Clinton White House memo can be read in its entirety at this link.

The anti-Clinton conspiracy theories have been collected in a series of books published over the past decade — including last year’s publication, The Clintons’ War On Women, co-authored by Roger Stone, a former Nixon aide and close friend and adviser to Trump, and whose own website describes him as a “Master of right-wing political hit jobs” and “the high priest of political hijinks.”

Among his many “hit jobs,” Stone organized what came to be known as “The Brooks Brothers Riot,” during the recount of ballots from the 2000 election, when a mob of George W. Bush supporters stormed the Miami-Dade County, Florida, elections office, forcing officials there to stop the recount and, in effect, handing that election to Bush.

Stone also recently claimed that Hilary Clinton is plotting to have him assassinated, a claim he makes in the video below — an interview with conspiracy-theory radio host Alex Jones.

Stone’s co-author on the book, Robert Morrow, says he is not a Trump supporter — but he nonetheless says that he hopes that Trump will use material in his book “sooner rather than later” to attack Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail.

“I’m delighted, because it is going to napalm Hillary Clinton,” Morrow told Nuzzi. “She is going to be burned at the stake in 2016 and everybody should get out their marshmallows and put them on a stick.”

Stone himself has used his Twitter account to call for Hillary Clinton to be “executed.”

Stone — described by Nuzzi as a “white-haired, body-building, fashion-obsessed, sex-club-visiting former aide to Richard Nixon with a portrait of Nixon’s face tattooed between his shoulder blades” — was responsible for Trump’s recent accusation that the father of Trump rival Ted Cruz was an associate of accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and was somehow involved in the slaying of United States President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

On his Twitter account Friday, Stone bragged about a new story filled with allegations against Clinton that appeared in The National Enquirer, the supermarket tabloid whose CEO, David Pecker, is another longtime close friend of Donald Trump.

Stone was an active participant in the Donald Trump campaign last year, but departed in August — only to recently reemerge in Trump’s inner circle of confidants.

Among the other charges that Trump plans to unleash on Hillary Clinton, drawn from Stone and Morrow’s book, as well as several books by former Newsweek reporter Edward Klein — another Trump associate — include the allegation that Chelsea Clinton is not Bill Clinton’s biological daughter but is instead the product of an extramarital affair by Hillary Clinton, that Bill Clinton is addicted to cocaine, and that the Clintons hired someone to kill a cat owned by a woman who claimed Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her while he was president.

But perhaps the darkest, and like the other stories, completely unproven, allegation made by the Trump associates is that the Clintons have murdered dozens of their political opponents.

“There are widespread claims that the Clintons are responsible for the death of as many as eighty-three people whose knowledge stood in the way of their political ascent,” Stone and Morrow wrote in their book. “Based on our investigation, the Clintons are only plausibly responsible for the deaths of half the people on this list.”


According to Nuzzi, the recent charges by Donald Trump that Hillary Clinton is “a nasty, mean enabler” of Bill Clinton’s alleged sexual transgressions comes straight from the conspiracy theories cooked up by Stone and others, and is likely only the beginning of Trump’s wild attacks on Clinton leading into the November general election.

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