Bernie Sanders Compared To ‘Chairman Mao’ By Smashing Pumpkins Founder [Video]

Bernie Sanders has attracted many friends in the entertainment industry as he runs for president. But don’t count Smashing Pumpkins founder Billy Corgan among them.

A Libertarian, Corgan took aim at Sanders in an interview with Info Wars.

“To be talking in America in 2016 about ‘Mao is a good idea’ and, ‘A socialist is running for president and that’s OK,’ we’re gonna go back to these crazy tax rates and we’re gonna completely disempower the innovators in our country that’s just crazy to me,” he said of Sanders.

Bernie Sanders, a self-avowed socialist, is running for the Democratic nomination for president.

According to The Tax Foundation, Sanders’ tax plan would raise taxes by $13.6 trillion over the next decade, and a majority of the revenue would originate from “a new 6.2 percent employer-side payroll tax, a new 2.2 percent broad-based income tax, and the elimination of tax expenditures relating to healthcare.”

Corgan, who according to Celebrity Net Worth is worth $50 million, is opposed to Sanders’ proposed tax hikes, and expressed his concerns about many of Sanders’ supporters.

But Bernie Sanders wasn’t Corgan’s only target. He also had choice words for liberals and social justice movements — many of whom either support Sanders or support his ideals. Corgan opposes Sanders, and Breitbart News last year quoted him as saying it was “cool” that Donald Trump got in the race, though he has his disagreements with him, too.

Billy Corgan sounds off on Bernie Sanders
“When I watch some of the clips … of some of these protests, I have no respect for what these people are doing,” he said. “They’re shutting down free speech. … I just don’t get it. To me it’s antithetical to the society that I believe in. But I try to listen to their argument.”

Corgan was asked how he would talk to these young people.

“My argument is you can’t,” he said. “They’re too far gone.

“I think when someone literally reaches the point where they cannot see a human being on the other side of the argument…then what’s the discussion about? You have no right. So you’re talking about disenfranchising. You have no discussion.”

The tactics of the social justice movement “are to stifle and shut down free speech,” Congar said. “I have no respect for what these people are doing.”

“Any socialist system — which tends to be Left, by the way — once you cross that line, you look at every totalitarian regime in the last hundred and some years, who’d they kill first? They killed the disabled, and who do they kill next? They kill the artists.”

Corgan also questioned the priorities of many in the social justice movement.

“It’s always very interesting to me when you see the way gays and lesbians are treated in some other countries in the world,” he said. “If [protesters] have that level of vitriol for, let’s say, Donald Trump as a candidate… where is the five-times greater condemnation for those societies that are treating their people far worse than just ideas and words?”

Responses from Bernie Sanders’ supporters came in droves.

What do you think? Does Billy Corgan have a point about the social justice movement and linking Bernie Sanders to past socialistic regimes?

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