October 10, 2016
Microsoft and Seinfeld: The Amazon Edition? (We Hope)

A high-ranking Microsoft ad exec is heading over to Amazon, according to internal e-mails obtained by the NY Post. We're hoping that means Amazon might consider a Seinfeldesque campaign of its own. Hear our idea out...it just might be marketing gold.

First, the background: Lisa Utzschneider (try saying that three times fast) is jumping ship soon, the Post reports. She'll be titled senior VP of national ad sales at Amazon.

So what kind of plans is the online retailer hatching here? The Post speculates the company may be working to "ramp up" its online ad department. It's recently implemented new third-party ad options within its various Web properties, which include IMDB and Askville.com.

But here's the thing: We say Amazon shouldn't stop there. Right now, you don't see a heck of a lot of ads for Amazon on the airwaves -- certainly nothing compared to Microsoft's Seinfeld campaign. This could be their big chance to expand, to make their mark in the marketing world. And we have the perfect plan.

Our pitch: Utzschneider gets Rob Schneider to do a series of spots with Jeff Bezos. We assume she's got some kind of connection -- I mean, she is the Utzschneider. That's gotta have some sort of pull.

Just imagine it:

We smell a match made in heaven. And we expect a cut of the loot, Amazon. Don't forget who gave you the idea.