Unprotected Sex Makes Women Happier, According To New Study

Researchers believe that women who engage in unprotected sex are much happier than those who practice safe sex, Gawker reports. According to a recent study, chemicals found in semen can have a positive effect on the mental well-being of women, which ultimately increases their happiness. I’m sure there are quite a few ladies shaking their heads right now.

Researchers Gordon Gallup and Rebecca Burch from State University of New York at Albany, alongside psychologist Steven Platek of the University of Liverpool, believe this increase in mirth is directly related to the mind and mood-altering chemicals found in semen. As such, women who frequently engage in unprotected sex are more apt to prance happily through nearby meadows.

In addition to estrone and oxytocin, both of which elevate mood, semen contains chemicals which promote affection, induce sleep, and act as an anti-depressant. Sounds like snake oil to me.

In order to prove their theory that unprotected sex can lead to a happier life, researchers presented 293 college females with a written questionnaire covering different aspects of their sexual behavior. The results, which were published in Archives of Sexual Behavior, showed that women who engaged in unprotected sex were less depressed than those who chose to use condoms.

According to Medical Daily, the study also showed that sexually active women who used condoms were just as depressed as those who chose to refrain from intercourse entirely, leading researchers to believe that semen is the reason these women are so impossibly happy.

In addition to waking up with a smile, these women also performed better on tasks which required concentration and cognitive skills. On the downside, these happy women are far more likely to become incredibly depressed following a break-up, as they are more regularly exposed to their partner’s semen than those who don’t engage in intercourse nearly as often.

Do you believe that unprotected sex makes women happier?