‘The Flash’ Season 2: Teddy Sears Explains How Season 2 Was Almost Ruined, Season Finale Teased, And TV Showrunner Gives Movie Director Advice

The Flash Season 2 has been quite the ride, and Team Flash has seen their fair share of hardships, but all good things must come to end. The Flash will be readying himself for the upcoming finale and the third season that has been confirmed, but Season 2 almost crashed and burned at takeoff. Teddy Sears, who plays Jay Garrick, Hunter Zolomon, and the big bad Zoom, says a key plot spoiler showed up on IMDb and nearly ruined Season 2, Comicbook reports.

“So I signed the contracts, and great, I’m gonna go do this for the season. It shows up on IMDB, like, I don’t know, I’m talking like a day or two later, and I’m on IMDB because I’m going to add a Masters of Sex credit. This is June, so I go on to add a credit and I remember, it says Flash – Jay Garrick/Zoom, spoiling it right there. So I’m seeing this and I’m like this is, okay, this is weird, and it has all these episodes spelled out, but they don’t have titles, so like 1.1, 1.2, whatever. I don’t think much of it because I think well, you know, someone put that there so someone must know what they’re doing.”

Zoom’s reveal, much like the Reverse-Flash reveal from The Flash Season 1, was a key mystery of the show and surely would have ruined the showrunners’ plans for the season. Luckily for Zoom actor Teddy Sears, The Flash showrunner Andrew Kreisberg noticed it first and brought it to light.

Reverse-Flash Unmasked

“Like a day later, or maybe I don’t know, later that day, Kreisberg sees this, I don’t know how it came to his attention, but he sees it. He calls my agent, he calls my manager, convinced that they must have put that on IMDB because no one else knows this. They know it because they were privy to this conversation, so it must have been them, and neither one of them, they just don’t do that.”

Thankfully, only Kreisberg and the others were the only ones who noticed, so The Flash Season 2 was saved. Unless, you noticed it?

Teddy Sears and Kevin Smith, who get to speak about the season finale due to the big IMDb leak not being caught, teased that the final two episodes of The Flash Season 1 caused Smith to yell and slam his fists on a table.

“Aside from the script that I did, the Zack Stentz script, which is emotionally wonderful, but they teased two things, well they didn’t tease, I was there on set, but the breakdown of what the last two episodes are, and there was something that happened in the episode right after mine where I was like, and it involves you[Teddy Sears] in a big bad way, that I was like ahhhhh (slams the table), ahhhhhh (pretends to flip it over), like I wished that I was directing it because it is mad genius.”

Kevin Smith at a convention

The Flash TV show fans are apparently in for an intense closing for a Season 2 that would appear to officially eclipse its initial season. The Flash is not confined to the DCTV Universe, but unlike the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it has a different director and writer, and pretty much everything is different from its TV counterpart. However, The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl showrunner Greg Berlanti shares some advice for the would-be director of The Flash film.

“If you’re going to do something like The Flash, part of what made Barry Allen so great was that he was this guy in the middle of all these superheroes who couldn’t believe that he was there, and he loved it. Sadness and sacrifice, but at the same time this joy. That duality is something I’ve really latched on to in a lot of what I’ve done. This is the only Flash I’d know how to do.”

The Flash film still has two years, but the TV show’s finale will be out in roughly two weeks. Fans will be able to judge for themselves how the conclusion of The Flash TV show went, when Teddy Sears’ Zoom faces the Scarlet Speedster one last time, and whether or not the film will take Berlanti’s advice.

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