NBA Rumors: Indiana Pacers To Acquire Derrick Rose From Chicago Bulls?

The Indiana Pacers are entering an NBA offseason that will be full of rumors. There is one rumor in particular that is intriguing surrounding the Pacers at this point in time. It has become obvious that the Pacers are in need of an upgrade at the point guard position, and one star’s name has come out recently as a potential trade target.

Chuck Myron of Hoops Rumors opined that the Pacers could call the Chicago Bulls about a potential trade for former MVP point guard Derrick Rose.

Over the last few seasons, Rose has been continuously struggling with injuries. It has been the case for him since he tore his ACL in the playoffs against the Philadelphia 76ers back in the 2011-12 season. There have been flashes of Rose’s former stardom, but inconsistency and nagging injuries have continued to derail him.

During the 2015-16 season with the Bulls, Rose was able to play in and start 66 regular season games. He averaged 16.4 points, 4.7 assists, and 3.4 rebounds per game. Rose shot 42.7 percent of his shot attempts, overall, and has also knocked down 79.3 percent of his foul shots.

The Indiana Pacers could acquire Derrick Rose in the 2016 NBA offseason. [AP Photo/David Zalubowski]One of the biggest issues with Rose’s game last season was his three-point shooting that finished the season at just 29.3 percent.

At just 27-years-old, there is still plenty of time left for Rose to get his career back on track. Being traded by the Bulls could end up being the best thing that ever happened to him. Added pressure from the fan base has only hurt Rose, and joining a team like the Pacers would take that pressure off of him.

How would Rose fit in with the Pacers moving forward into the future? He would be exactly what the doctor ordered for Bird.

Indiana has been searching for a consistent No. 2 scoring option behind Paul George. Rose had no problems with being the Bulls’ No. 2 scorer behind Jimmy Butler, and he likely wouldn’t have an issue with scoring behind George. He would have much more freedom to play his game than he has had in Chicago.

There is no telling who the Pacers’ next head coach will be now that they have moved on from Frank Vogel. Some believe that Mark Jackson or Jeff Hornacek could end up being Indiana’s choice. Others believe in many different options, but no coach would give up the opportunity to bring a talent like Rose on board.

What would the Pacers have to give up in order to bring Rose on board via a trade with the Bulls? First, they would likely have to be willing to part with their 2016 first round NBA Draft pick, which will be the No. 20 overall pick in the draft. They would also likely have to trade current starting point guard George Hill and another piece.

That price tag may sound like too much for a point guard who has struggled with injuries, but it could end up being exactly what powers the Pacers back to the top of the Eastern Conference.

Bird has never had a problem with risky moves in the past. He would look at the potential that Rose would have to take his offense to the next level. Rose would thrive within the up-tempo offense that the Pacers are expected to run for the next few seasons.

Expect to see Indiana mentioned in plenty of free agency and trade rumors this coming offseason. Rose would be a perfect addition to upgrade the point guard position, although it seems a bit far-fetched at this point in time.

Do you think that the Indiana Pacers should pursue a trade for Chicago Bulls’ star point guard Derrick Rose? Would he be able to help power the Pacers back into the top echelon of the Eastern Conference? Let us know in the comment box below!

[AP Photo/David Zalubowski]