No ‘Nashville’ Season 5: Fans Not Happy With Decision

Fans Are Not Happy There Will Be No 'Nashville' Season 5

ABC has cancelled Nashville after four seasons. Fans are not happy that there will be no Season 5, especially after the finale. They have taken to social media, hoping that another network or even Netflix will pick up the show.

Since the first season, the show has faced cancellation each year. The ratings were low, but the revenue raised from releasing the original tracks helped to keep it going. International ratings also helped, along with DVD sales and DVR views. There was hope that Nashville Season 5 would happen, especially due to the Season 4 finale. Unfortunately, fans were left shocked when the network announced the decision to cancel the show last night.

Season 5 had a new showrunner lineup planned, suggesting that new storylines and direction could help the show. My So-Called Life‘s Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz were ready to take over and had great plans for the show. ABC shocked all with the decision not to renew it for at least one more year.

Fans are upset at the decision. They have taken to social media to share their annoyance at ABC and hope that another network will pick it up instead. It would not be the only show potentially moving to another network. CBS and CW are currently in talks to move Supergirl over to the younger-audience network.

Nashville locals are also not happy with the decision. The Tennessean reports that the Nashville was a boon for local tourism. People wanted to see the sights and find out more about country music. The Bluebird Café, a prominent location in Nashville, is a real venue and saw events sold out by locals and tourists all because of the show. There are fears that the tourism will drop now that the show is no longer on air.

Megan Berry, mayor of the city, has expressed her disappointment in ABC’s decision and stated that the city had given its full support for Season 5 filming to take place there. The first four seasons were filmed in the location, and the city has enjoyed having everyone involved there.

On Twitter fans have expressed their disappointment. Some wonder what will happen to “Deacon Fridays,” which had become a thing for Nashville fans. It is impossible to set a day for a character that is no longer on the screens, according to some fans. Others want to know how Keeping Up the Kardashians can keep going, but a show like Nashville is cancelled.

Some fans have said they will no longer watch ABC. The show was the only good one on the network, according to them.

However, there are some people on Twitter happy to see the show go. Some have said that Nashville got too repetitive and that the cancellation was on the cards. It didn’t help that the show was allowed to air its finale before a decision was made, a warning sign for many shows.

This is not the first time a show has been cancelled with a cliffhanger finale. Dark Angel wasn’t renewed for Season 3, and Witches of East End was cancelled after two seasons with a major cliffhanger ending. Fans of these shows were also angry, wanting other networks to pick them up.

Netflix is now an option, and fans would like to see the subscription service pick it up. It is still too early to know whether Nashville Season 5 will be licensed. It would not be the first licensing deal ABC has brokered, as it currently has a deal with CBS for Criminal Minds.

For now, it appears the show is finished. Fans are not happy, and they now want to know the plans the writers had for Nashville Season 5.

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