Megyn Kelly Dishes On Donald Trump And Paul Ryan

Megyn Kelly Donald Trump

Megyn Kelly began The Kelly File Thursday evening talking about the important meeting between Donald Trump and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

“No endorsement, but we are getting new reports of significant progress in the next phase of the Republican party’s efforts to win the White House in 2016,” Kelly enthusiastically said at the very beginning of her show.

Donald Trump Paul Ryan
Megyn than noted that Trump and Ryan came into the meeting with some major differences. However, insiders told Kelly that both sides left the meeting happy. Then, she had Fox News Correspondent John Roberts appear from Washington.

“What we’re hearing from people who were inside those meetings is that Trump went a long way towards changing minds, or, at very least, easing the skepticism or downright opposition that many Congress members have about him, his intentions, and his policies,” Roberts claimed, before adding that Senator Orrin Hatch offered Trump an endorsement.

Roberts claimed that, in general, Trump’s meeting was a success. Then, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus came to talk to Megyn Kelly. She asked him what Paul Ryan was looking for in order to endorse Donald Trump.

“I just think getting comfortable. An endorsement in Paul’s mind is an important thing. It’s sort of like a public hug and Paul takes it seriously,” Priebus answered.

Priebus explained that even though both expected a good meeting, both were more impressed with each other than they had thought they would be. He said that they had a lot more agreements than disagreements. He said that both of them talked about substance, policies, the Republican party, and working together. However, he didn’t want to give Megyn Kelly more specific details.

Kelly then had Donald Trump’s former running mate Ben Carson on the show.

“The Republican party is coming to understand that they cannot sit on the sidelines and allow Hillary or whoever to take control and get two to four Supreme Court picks, which will fundamentally change America from what it is. Everyone will eventually come to that conclusion,” Carson said, referring to the division that’s going on right now over Donald Trump.

Ben Carson Republican
Carson said he would love to see a situation where all the Republican candidates come together in a room, without the press. He thinks they need to talk about their vision, discuss how they expect to get there, and agree to work together. Megyn Kelly brought up some of Trump’s controversial statements and the feelings people have about his character.

If Republicans do come together to support Donald Trump, they have an avalanche of criticism from the mainstream media regarding Trump to fight against. Many media outlets, such as the New York Times, are making a big deal about Trump’s former butler calling for Obama’s death.

“The secret service said it would investigate Donald J. Trump’s longtime butler over Facebook posts laced with vulgarities and epithets calling for President Obama to be killed. The racially tinged posts by the butler, Anthony Senecal, were unearthed by Mother Jones on Thursday, and referred to Mr. Obama as a ‘Kenyan fraud’ who should be hanged for treason.”

Trump has denied all ties with his former butler, but Trump’s enemies are using the Facebook posts as more proof that Donald Trump is a racist. Perhaps Megyn Kelly will ask him about this in an interview that will air on Fox Broadcast Network on May 17.

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