Ariana Grande Debuts New Fashion And Jewelry Lines, But She’ll Always Make Time For Jimmy Fallon

Ariana Grande fashion jewelry Jimmy Fallon

Ariana Grande, perhaps as well known for her spot-on celebrity impressions as she is for her brilliant musical talent, has decided to try her hand at fashion designing. The Daily Mail reported that after being inspired by Audrey Hepburn and the 60s era, Ariana Grande came up with a unique fashion collection for Lipsy, the high-street retailer.

Ariana based the collection on the theme of “flirty summer,” as she feels that the summer season is all about girly, flirty and fun fashion. Incidentally, summer is one Ariana’s favorite seasons and her collection is reflective of the season and the 60s era.

This is Ariana Grande’s second fashion designing project, with her first being a 22-piece debut range for a popular label. As a part of her second venture in fashion designing, Ariana unveiled a 25-piece collection alongside a jewelry range of more than 30 pieces, complete with pom-pom earrings, puppy keyrings and a focus on star and moon charms. Just like her winged eyeliner, some of the pieces — like the mono crochet lace dress — were clearly reminiscent of the 60s era.

However, her signature piece was the super-feminine summer print prom dress with apron neckline, which many fans noticed was a similar yet improved version of the hero floral bandeau dress from her previous collection, especially since it featured the same hushed violet florals.

And, as in her debut range, Ariana Grande modeled the entire collection herself. The “Dangerous Woman” singer admitted that she was not afraid to try out different fashions and styles, and that she had no fear of making a celebrity fashion faux pas on the red carpet, or of being risqué on stage.

MTV reported that Ariana Grande went high glam for the Time 100 gala as she was one of the honorees.

The “Break Free” singer appeared to perform magic right before the audience as she glided on the red carpet in a black Christian Siriano gown, complete with a full tulle skirt. Ariana Grande wowed the audience with her vocals, receiving well-deserved appreciation from many celebrities, including Melissa McCarthy. And, like many of Ariana’s fans, Melissa McCarthy wondered how the Nickelodeon star can produce such strong vocals from her exceptionally petite frame.

VH1 reported that Ariana Grande does not mind people commenting on her figure and, in fact, she herself joked about it publicly when she posed in a sweatshirt that revealed her slim frame.

Ariana is proud of her body and she takes great care to keep it in shape. She has been a vegan for the last few years and she tries to live a healthy lifestyle by striking the right balance between her diet, exercise regime and sleep.

Apart from her singing and fashion sense, Ariana Grande is also known to have a terrific sense of humor. She has been invited more than once to be a guest on The Tonight Show in which Jimmy Fallon plays various games with the celebrities and entertains the crowds by his hugely popular lip-sync battles. However, Time reported that the late-night host took a different but entertaining approach when Ariana Grande appeared once again on The Tonight Show recently.

The talented duo went on to have a conversation about their #ThrowbackThursday Instagram posts and their weekend plans while lip-syncing lines from popular songs.

The singer went on to have fun on the show, the conversation turning to her grandmother who also attended the show and Ariana Grande finishing her set by performing her new single “Dangerous Woman.”

Fully enjoying her life at the moment, Ariana Grande spoke about how her latest album reflects her persona.

“I love my life right now. I am so proud of my new album and it really reflects who I am as a person. My fans are so supportive too.”

[Photo by Theo Wargo/NBC/Getty Images for ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’]