Sadiq Khan Against Donald Trump: London’s Muslim Mayor Threatens To Influence Direction Of U.S. Election In Hillary Clinton’s Favor

Sadiq Khan

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has railed against the Muslim ban proposed by United States Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump, and offered to help Democrat hopeful Hillary Clinton win the U.S. election. Having clinched his post on May 7, 2016, the Labour Party mayor continues to express his contempt of Tory opponent Zac Goldsmith’s Trump-like tactics, linking Khan to extremism.

According to Independent, Sadiq Khan said he was planning to travel to the U.S. before the end of the year to test the proposed ban, and rejected Trump’s offer to make the Mayor of London an exception. Boasting about his win against the Conservatives’ “Donald Trump approach” in the mayoral race, Khan issued this statement to reporters at London’s City Hall.

“I think what we’ve shown — and I hope it’s a lesson that Hillary and others in America take on board, hope does ‘trump’ fear, forgive the pun.”

Labour Party bet Sadiq Khan, 45, who grew up in London public housing, went against Conservative Zac Goldsmith, 41, a billionaire financier’s son, and won by 1,310,143 votes to 994,614. Pundits believe that the Muslim-heavy city of London, known to have called for banning Donald Trump, was predisposed to support the Muslim candidate.

Donald Trump
According to Al Jazeera, M.E.N.D. (Muslim Engagement and Development) leader Sufyan Gulam Ismail, has been encouraging Muslim participation in public life. Presenting a “Muslim Manifesto” to parliament members from the United Kingdom’s three main parties in 2015, Ismail said the potential for Muslim voters to re-elect or unseat incumbent candidates was “absolutely extraordinary.” It appears to be a statement Sadiq Khan drew strength from when dealing with Goldsmith’s “Donald Trump approach.”

Behind Sadiq Khan’s successful mayoral run against his opponent looms the fact that Islam is London’s second largest religion, with 38 percent of England’s Muslims living in the capital city, where they represent 12.4 percent of the population. The 2011 census in the Greater London area reported 1,012,823 Muslim residents out of 8,173,941 Londoners. It also explains the unpopularity of Donald Trump’s proposal in London.

Sadiq Khan’s 13.6 percent margin of victory in his battle against Goldsmith’s conservatism was the widest in a London mayoral election in 16 years. Goldsmith’s alleged “Donald Trump approach” was rife with accusations of Khan’s anti-Semitism and links to extremists going back over a decade.

According to Zero Hedge, Sadiq represented the leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, in 2002. Khan tried to reverse a Home Office ban against Farrakhan entering the U.K. because his anti-Semitic views could stir up racial hatred. Farrakhan refers to Jews as “bloodsuckers” and Judaism as “a gutter religion,” a view Donald Trump condemns.

During his defense, Khan insisted that Farrakhan was not anti-Semitic and did not preach a message of racial hatred and antagonism. Despite the 9-11 twin towers attack in New York often lamented by Donald Trump, but referred to by Farrakhan as a Jewish conspiracy, Khan made this public statement.

“Farrakhan is preaching a message of self-discipline, self-reliance, atonement and responsibility. He’s trying to address the issues and problems we have in the U.K., black on black crime and problems in the black community. It’s outrageous and astonishing that the British Government is trying to exclude this man.”

In 2004, Sadiq Khan was the chief legal advisor to the Muslim Council of Britain, a group linked to the Muslim Brotherhood exposed in the United States for activities aimed at “eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within.” Against the Muslim Brotherhood is not only Donald Trump but also the U.S. House Judiciary Committee, which recently approved The Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act of 2015.,

Meanwhile, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has found an ally in New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is known to be against Donald Trump’s proposed Muslim ban based on a Tea-party survey. A quarter of Muslims in a 600-person online survey believed violence against Americans is “justified as part of the global jihad” and 51 percent believed they should have the option of being governed according to Islamic sharia law. With this backdrop, Mayor de Blasio posted his Twitter message.

“Sending congratulations to London’s new mayor and fellow affordable housing advocate, @SadiqKhan.”

Sharia requires hijab
Between 2013 and 2014, groups of hooded Muslim men filmed themselves patrolling the streets of East London to confront passers-by and demand that they conform to “sharia law.” Uploaded online, the videos showed the bands targeting couples holding hands, women dressed immodestly, individuals looking like homosexuals, and people drinking alcohol in the neighborhoods currently belonging to Mayor Sadiq Khan’s constituency. Outspoken against the sharia patrols, Donald Trump now has the area’s mayor to contend with.

In the Independent report, Sadiq Khan has offered to help Hillary Clinton go against Donald Trump, the London mayor pledging his successful campaign as a “template” to hers.

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