NASA's Live ISS Stream Shows Alien UFO Exiting Earth And Docking With Mothership Stationed In Upper Atmosphere, According To UFO Hunter [Video]

The online UFO community is enthusing over footage uploaded to YouTube recently that allegedly shows a UFO leaving the Earth's atmosphere and docking with a larger UFO in space.

The footage, allegedly an excerpt from NASA's live ISS feed, was uploaded to YouTube on May 12, 2016, by YouTube UFO hunter Secureteam10. It has gone viral with more than 170,000 views.

According to the YouTube UFO hunter Tyler Glockner, known on YouTube as Secureteam10, the alleged ISS footage was sent to him by two unnamed individuals.

"We have some amazing new footage from the ISS, showing something flying up and exiting the earth's atmosphere."

According to the narrator, as the UFO ascends in the upper atmosphere, the upper section appears to disconnect from the burning lower section like a multistage rocket disconnecting from a booster that has run out of propellant or fuel.

The upper section, less the jettisoned stage, then disappears momentarily, according to Glockner, who slows down the footage for a closer look.

The craft reappears, flies higher, and then appears to dock or connect with another craft waiting above. The new composite craft then flashes with bright light for a few seconds, as if firing its engines, before fading out of sight.

Meanwhile, what is presumed to be the jettisoned stage continues to burn in the air with a brightness comparable to the midday sun peeking through clouds. It continues to shine brightly in the air after the craft that jettisoned it had docked with another craft higher up and disappeared.

Overall, the impression from the footage, as narrated by Glockner, is that a mysterious craft blasts off from the lower atmosphere, and when it reaches the edge of space, it jettisons its booster stage and docks with another craft -- presumably a mothership stationed at the boundary of the upper atmosphere and space -- that ferries it to outer space.

"It [the alleged UFO] disconnects from this long bright flash, disappears for a moment," Glockner explains. "Then we see another object which the object which comes out of the atmosphere appears at and looks to connect with momentarily, before vanishing again."

"We see no more lights, no more flashes and it's completely gone," he concludes.

Glockner claims that the footage gives evidence of alien presence on Earth and that extraterrestrials enter the Earth and exit as they please.

Glockner anticipates that skeptics would argue that what appears to be crafts or rockets glowing or burning in the upper atmosphere are in fact reflections of solar radiation on clouds above.

Glockner denies the suggestion, arguing that after seeing thousands of hours off live ISS footage he is able to recognize the sun reflecting off the Earth.

"This is not the sun," he insisted, "because when the sun reflects off of the earth, especially in ISS footage, which I have seen probably thousands of hours' worth, it is massive and it doesn't reflect off of clouds."

He then presents several images purportedly showing sunlight reflecting off the Earth and points out that the appearance of solar radiation reflecting off the Earth is distinct and not similar to the phenomenon shown in the alleged ISS footage.

"[Solar radiation reflecting off the Earth] is massive and it doesn't reflect off of clouds."

But a few viewers had even more fanciful explanations of the footage than suggested by Secureteam10.

"What you are watching," according to a creative viewer, "is energy created through teleportation to their awaiting ship outside Earth's atmosphere."

But after watching the footage, some skeptics argued it was not taken from the live ISS feed but from clips showing a rocket launch from a NASA or Russian space launch facility.

One skeptic claimed the footage was "filmed directly above Baikonur."

The skeptic was referring to Russia's Baikonur Cosmodrome, the world's largest space launch facility, built by the Soviets in the 1950s. The facility, located in the desert of Kazakhstan, is managed jointly by the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) and the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Russia's Sputnik 1 spacecraft, which achieved the first orbital spaceflight in history, and Vostok 1, the first manned spacecraft, were launched from Baikonur.

A few viewers argued that the footage was a CGI hoax.

"I am trying to decide what CGI that was made with... probably done with VUE Xstream."

Secureteam10's detractors have often accused the channel of palming off CGI as authentic UFO footage.

Critics accused the channel of peddling a blatant hoax after a clip uploaded to YouTube in June 2015 claimed to show a massive black cube UFO -- filmed over El Paso, Texas -- entering into a massive "swirling wormhole."

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