‘Baywatch’ Villain Priyanka Chopra Voted The Most Desirable Woman Of The Year

Priyanka Chopra is rising to fame here in the United States, mostly due to her roles on Quantico in which she plays Alex Parrish and as Baywatch‘s villain, Victoria Leeds, but Ms. Chopra has long been a favorite in her native country. Now, India is recognizing Priyanka as the most desirable woman of the year for 2015 and giving the actress a chance to open up to the millions of fans she has amassed with her Bollywood hits. Chopra talks about everything from the latest news on her high-profile role on Quantico to what she finds desirable in others.

Quantico Actress Priyanka Chopra Is The Most Desirable Woman Of 2015

The Times of India offered their subscribers the chance to vote on who they saw as the most desirable women of 2015, and while the list boasted 50 female celebrities, Priyanka Chopra soared to the top of that list, just as the Quantico star might do in a similar poll here in the United States. While Priyanka graciously accepted the title of India’s most desirable woman, she was equally willing to reveal just what she finds alluring in others. Chopra said that she finds confidence and a strong belief in one’s self to be very attractive. The Baywatch actress said a man shouldn’t be afraid to act out of a fear of making mistakes, adding that everyone makes mistakes and all we can do is brush ourselves off and move on when we do fail.

“That means he can live life on his own terms and make his own rules,” Priyanka says of a confident man. “I should be able to look up to a man. Also, he should have good choice in shoes. ‘Shoes maketh the man,'” she adds with a smile.

Priyanka was asked how she spends her personal time, but she resisted the idea that something could take that kind time away from chasing her dreams and said that, if one’s dreams are really important, there’s no balancing it out with other aspects of one’s life. She says everything should be devoted to pursuing that dream and working hard to achieve success. Chopra remarked that this is especially true for those pursuing acting as a career.

“If you are an actor, 300 people out there can do your job. So, you don’t have the luxury to give excuses for not working hard,” says the Quantico actress.

Priyanka Chopra Stands Out As A Sex Symbol And A Strong Woman On Quantico

Ms. Chopra has often said that she feels grateful to ABC and Quantico producers for casting her as Alex Parrish, because the series seeks to break stereotypes and show the diversity that exists in the world. In a new interview, Chopra says she loves her Indian-American character, but she also finds joy in seeing other ethnicities represented on Quantico. She mentions another character, a Hijabi FBI agent, in explaining that the characters are very progressive, which Priyanka says makes for the best kind of television.

Again, Ms. Chopra is recognized for her sex appeal, but this time as a dedicated and career-minded agent on Quantico. When asked how she manages to exude so much sex appeal, while also maintaining that serious, business-like demeanor, Chopra says it all comes back to confidence. The Quantico actress points out that being sexy has little to do with revealing clothes and has more to do with the way in which one presents oneself.

“Sexy is about confidence and style. Which inherently anyone can teach themselves, It’s walking with a sense of yourself,” says Priyanka. “And that turns heads in a room. I’m a very individual person. I’ve never followed a particular style in the past. I’m just comfortable being me.”

The next episode of Quantico airs on Sunday, May 15 on ABC.

[Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]