Golamrabbi Brothers: Trial Delayed For San Jose Men Accused Of Killing Their Parents

San Jose Brothers

The Golamrabbi brothers are accused of killing their parents in cold blood. Omar Golamrabbi, 17, and Hasib Bin Golamrabbi, 22, reportedly shot and killed their father Golam Rabbi, 59, and mother Shamima Rabbi, 57, on April 24. As the San Jose brothers are telling different stories, authorities are unsure what motivated them to commit the heinous crime.

The Rabbis were active participants in the South Bay Islamic Association and were members of the local Islamic center for nearly 30 years. Friends said Golam and Shamima were generous people who helped many relatives relocate to the United States from their native country of Bangladesh.

Mercury News reports the bodies of the well-respected couple were found inside their Evergreen home on Sunday. Friends said they went to the house to check on Golam and Shamima, as nobody had seen them and they were not answering their phones.

When the friends approached the home they were startled to find a broken sliding glass door. Inside the house, they found Mr. and Mrs. Rabbi dead in pools of blood. Next to their bodies, someone left a note saying, “Sorry, my first kill was clumsy.”

The Golamrabbi brothers were eventually named as the primary suspects. Although they both admitted they were present when their parents were killed, the San Jose brothers told different stories about Golam and Shamima’s deaths.

Hasib Bin Golamrabbi admitted killing his father. However, he said he said he was forced by a stranger to commit the crime. Hasib contends he had nothing to do with his mother’s death.

Daily Mail reports Omar Golamrabbi countered the statement, saying Hasib killed both their parents. Omar also said his brother forced him to check on his father’s body to make sure his blood was not leaking under the garage door.

Although both San Jose brothers were arrested in connection with their parents’ deaths, an unnamed witness reportedly told police that Hasib confided in him that Omar was not involved in the murders in any way.

Some sources have suggested Hasib Bin Golamrabbi was at odds with his parents because he was a homosexual, which is strictly forbidden in his native country of Bangladesh. However, neither of the Golamrabbi brothers has discussed a motive for their parents’ deaths.

A crucial hearing, which will determine if there is ample evidence to try the San Jose brothers for murder, was postponed again this week.

Attorneys usually seek an initial hearing within 10 days of entering a plea, especially if they suspect prosecutors do not have ample evidence to secure a conviction.

During a preliminary hearing, prosecutors are required to provide enough evidence to prove whether a case should proceed to trial. If there is more than one defendant involved, judges generally side with attorneys requesting a postponement if the attorneys prove there is a good reason and if the defendant also agrees to the postponement.

In the case of the Rabbi killings, Santa Clara County Superior Judge Deborah A. Ryan agreed to postpone the hearing until June 15, in response to a motion filed by Hasib Bin Golamrabbi’s attorney Andy Gutierrez. According to reports, Hasib’s legal counsel requested the delay because they need more time to examine the evidence provided by the prosecution.

However, his attorney, Omar Golamrabbi, invoked his constitutional right to a speedy trial. Omar’s attorneys, Sajid A. Khan and Jessica Delgado, also asked for their client to be tried separately from his brother, according to a court affidavit. Although such requests are quite common, they are rarely granted. As expected, Judge Ryan denied the motion to separate the cases.

Hasib Bin Golamrabbi appeared in court last week, keeping his head down to elude television cameras. Judge Sharon A. Chatman allowed him to stand behind a door leading into the courtroom from the holding cells, so he could hear what was happening but remained hidden from the view of everyone else in the courtroom. The court has ruled that no photographs be taken during court hearings.

The Golamrabbi brothers are currently being held without bond. The San Jose brothers are expected to return to court on June 15.

[Image via CBS News]