‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Abigail Makes A Heartbreaking Request, Aiden Visits Andre, And Rafe Has Questions For Hope

Kate Mansi from 'Days of Our Lives'

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday’s show indicate that many Salemites will be feeling emotional as they worry about their loved ones. The flu outbreak is spreading rapidly, and lives remain at risk. In addition, Abigail has pushed her family away as she struggles to regain her sanity; it looks like she is facing a long road as she works on her recovery. Aiden is back and his return has turned Hope’s world upside down. Where are things headed during the May 13 show?

Aiden’s return gave Hope quite the shock; she has had a hard time believing that he is really still alive. He had quite the tale to tell about where he has been for the past six months, and he is still trying to convince everybody that he is really Aiden. He has told some pieces of the truth, but Days of Our Lives viewers know that he is still fudging on a few specifics.

According to We Love Soaps, Aiden will pay Andre a visit during Friday’s episode. Given all of the previous discussions these two had, this visit should be a juicy one. Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that the two men will work on a deal that protects them both. Aiden needs Andre to go along with his story, but Andre wants to get out of jail and it sounds as if they will soon agree to help one another.

Hope has a lot of emotions to sort through with this stunning return and Days of Our Lives spoilers share that Rafe will be asking some questions during Friday’s episode. He apparently wants to know how Hope feels about Aiden given what she has learned, but she surely will not have much of an answer regarding this at this point. It seems, however, that there will be a kiss between Aiden and Hope soon and Rafe ends up seeing it. Would she really consider reuniting with her not-so-dead husband?

Chad took Abigail’s family to the hospital to see her, but the visit did not go well. She pulled away from them and struggled. Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that during the next show, she will share something heartbreaking with her husband. SheKnows Soaps details that Abigail will tell Chad not to visit her anymore, and not to bring the baby to see her, either.

Will this be the last that viewers see of Kate Mansi in the role of Abigail? Days spoilers have noted that Kate will be wrapping up her time in the role very soon, but a final air date has not yet been detailed by the network. It seems likely that there will be at least a bit more ahead yet for Mansi as Abigail, and viewers are anxious to get some confirmation of that.

Some Days of Our Lives fans have speculated that the actress may have filmed some scenes to be used in the months ahead so that the character will not be entirely gone for an extended amount of time. However, the buzz has been that a new actress will not start appearing on-screen as Abby until October or so. So far, no casting decision has been announced; but, a new actress was expected to begin filming in April with a fall debut.

Will anybody else die as the flu outbreak spreads? What comes next for Aiden as he tries to rebuild his life in Salem, and how will Hope handle his return? Will fans get an opportunity to see more of Abigail and Chad together before Kate Mansi leaves the show? Things are getting wild on Days of Our Lives and fans cannot wait to see what comes next.

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