‘The Walking Dead’ Coming To Adult Swim This Year

The Walking Dead has seen many different incarnations of its show through various different mediums, but this will be the first time that it has ever been featured on Adult Swim. Although TWD is the biggest show on television, it is not immune from the network’s parodies.

What fans of The Walking Dead are about to get is one of the biggest honors that Adult Swim has to offer, which is to be featured in a full half-hour of their flagship show, Robot Chicken, according to Deadline.

Not just any entertainment property earns a full Robot Chicken special. It has been done before, but mostly with extremely hot films or shows, like Star Wars and DC Comics. Given that The Walking Dead has achieved a monumental status in television history, it now has bragging rights on the (mostly) animated Adult Swim network.

Robot Chicken: The Walking Dead will be the brainchild of creators Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, who have teamed up with TWD producers and Robert Kirkman to bring The Walking Dead’s animated version to the TV screen.

There has been no word yet on when Robot Chicken: The Walking Dead will air on the network, but there is no doubt that it will be featured in the next 10-episode lineup.

Filling in the gap unitil @TheWalkingDead returns by starting on the graphic novels #obsessed pic.twitter.com/URwlQl2hjY

— Annie (@hipurpleclouds) May 12, 2016

The Walking Dead has also been in the news a lot lately, given the intensity of the last episode that aired of Season 6. There is every expectation that Season 7 of The Walking Dead will no doubt be one of the biggest rated premieres in all of cable television history. That’s because every fan and their uncle will want to tune in and find out who Negan, the new TWD villain, killed in the finale episode.

For those who are unaware, the least episode for Season 6 of The Walking Dead featured Negan, showing him beating someone’s head in with a baseball bat named Lucille. But, the camera showed the scene from the victim’s point of view, so fans did not get to see who it was. All that is known about the death at this point is that the victim was one of the core members of the original Walking Dead group.

Although many The Walking Dead fans have been really upset about the cliffhanger ending, that just goes to show that the show is so intense and engaging that fans will stop at nothing to find out what has happened to their favorite character.

For those Walking Dead fans that think they have only one surprise coming for them in the Season 7 opener, then think again. Producers for The Walking Dead have done one thing very well every year now, and that is to surprise their fans and keep the spoilers under careful guard each season.

There is something that is just as big to be featured in the Season 7 premiere, and fans are never going to see it coming, according to Robert Kirkman. Sure, fans will get to see who Negan killed with the bat, but what else happened?

That is something that The Walking Dead producers have done very well. As long as they have their fans talking all summer and fall about Negan’s victim, then they will never see the bigger and badder situation coming.

What Kirkman described for the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead seems to allude to the possible death of two or more core characters from the show. That is the only thing that makes sense, given that Negan is scheduled to hang around the show for a season, or maybe two.

There is also speculation that Carol is not going to make it through of the premiere episode for Season 7 of The Walking Dead. But, fans will have to wait until October to find out.

[Image via AMC]