Cancelled TV Shows 2016: ‘Castle’ Is Closed, ‘The Muppets’ Look For New Work, ‘Supergirl’ Jumps Networks and ‘CSI’ Anything Is No More

As network television begins to prepare for its 2016 fall lineup with many announcements coming next week, they first have to clean house. Overall, the networks did fairly well with most of 2016's cancelled shows lasting through one whole season. Only a few shows stopped programming early like CBS' Angel from Hell, which lasted a few weeks, ABC's Wicked City was cancelled after three episodes and the biblical-ish epic, Of Kings and Prophets, which lasted only two weeks. As it is every year, there are some surprises that will anger some fans while others will have others saying "good riddance."

While the complete list of cancelled shows have not yet been announced, here is what we know so far. The cancelled shows are listed by network.


After much hand-wringing with news that co-stars Stana Katic and Tamala Jones would not be returning for Castle's ninth season, ABC cancelled the show altogether. When news first broke that Katic would be leaving the show, fans strongly showed their disappointment which may have been the deciding factor. Castle's series finale will air on May 16.

Joining Castle on the unemployment line is Agent Carter, Galavant and Kermit the Frog. While The Muppets looked like a smash hit when it debuted last September, the show was criticized for being too edgy and un-family friendly. Also receiving the hook is 4-year-old Nashville, the freshman drama series, The Family and Blood and Oil; all unable to bring in the right number of viewers.


FOX started the 2015 fall season well with much praise for the Rob Lowe comedy The Grinder, and Grandfathered made John Stamos look cool again. Unfortunately, the two have been pushed to the side due to very low Tuesday night ratings. FOX also laid to rest American Idol, which over-stayed its welcome on the network. FOX is also canceling the freshman comedy Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life, the animated Bordertown and for thouse who can remember, Knock Knock Live.


After three spinoffs of the original CSI, CBS has made the decision to cancel the fourth show in the series, CSI: Cyber. The fall 2016 season will be the first to not feature a show from the CSI franchise since 1999. CBS's other juggernaut, the NCIS franchise, will continue to air all three shows next fall. Joining CSI: Cyber is The Good Wife, Person of Interest, Extant and Supergirl. However, there is some good news, as the heroine's show hasn't actually been cancelled so much as moved. Supergirl is moving to the CW, adding to the network's already strong superhero presence.

The CW

Although The CW has the least amount of TV shows, the network has the largest amount of them returning to the fall, plus it is adding the previously mentioned Supergirl. However, the show may face some new changes. One already in the works is that the show will be move the filming from Los Angeles to Vancouver, B.C., where other other DC superhero shows are filmed. This is to help keep the costs down. The only show that the network appears to be canceling is Containment, which was supposed to be a limited series anyway. One other show that is being dropped by The CW, America's Next Top Model, also got a reprieve and is being moved to VH1.


As of yet, NBC has not given their list of cancelled shows for 2016 except for ones that were cancelled earlier this year: Aquarius, Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris, Heroes Reborn, The Player, and the short-lived comedy, Truth Be Told. Other shows that are on the bubble include Hollywood Game Night, Undateable, The Carmichael Show, The Mysteries of Laura, Crowded, Game of Silence, Heartbeat, and Telenovela.

[Photo courtesy of ABC]