Pia Mia’s Song About Justin Bieber: Does She Want To Date Him?

Pia Mia is typically known as Kylie Jenner’s BFF, but it looks like she’s trying to make a name for herself. The singer just dropped a new song about Justin Bieber.

Pia Mia made her sexy debut with her smash hit “Do It Again” featuring Chris Brown and Tyga. Now it appears that the 19-year-old singer has her eye on the Biebs. Mia released her love song called “Justin Bieber” on May 6. And although the lyrics don’t directly mention the bad boy, the song appears to be a love song inspired by the pop star who’s known for not staying tied down for long.

The beauty is heard singing, “I don’t feel no pressure/I’m just tryina be/Out here living free/So I’m not gonna put you under pressure.”

Check out Pia Mia’s new song “Justin Bieber” in the SoundCloud below.

The song seems to hint about a girl who wants to have a no-strings-attached relationship with a guy. But does that mean Pia Mia wants to have a fling with Justin Bieber? In a recent interview with Nylon Magazine, Mia revealed that all of her songs are inspired by true events.

“Everything I sing about is very true to who I am, my experiences, and how I feel during that time of my life,” she added.

In the profile, it’s noted that the Guam native has even covered a few of Justin Bieber’s songs on YouTube long before she wrote a song about the superstar.

According to the Hollywood Life, the song was probably inspired by one of Justin’s tracks on the album, Purpose. On the track “No Pressure,” Selena Gomez’s ex sings about wanting a no-strings-attached relationship. While Mia’s track name drops the singer, it’s possible that she was just inspired by one of his songs to create her own.

For example, Taylor Swift’s debut single was called “Tim McGraw,” which was about her high school boyfriend. It doesn’t necessarily mean that she had a crush on them. She just used his name as inspiration for the track.

On the flip side, both Pia Mia and Justin Bieber are single at the moment. There’s also a chance that she released the song to get his attention. Since Justin has revealed that he’s still in love with Selena, it’s clear that he’s in no hurry to date anyone else. He may have had some flings here and there with both Kourtney Kardashian and Hailey Baldwin, but Justin has remained solo, for the most part.

Certainly, Pia Mia doesn’t have to name drop Justin Bieber’s name to make a name for herself. She is doing fine on her own. Last month, Pia was announced as the new face of Lourdes and Madonna’s Material Girl line. According to WWD, Pia’s role of “fashion director” will include starring in a mini-docuseries in a partnership with StyleHaul, which will debut this month in Newfronts.

The singer has also been heating up Snapchat by posting a series of photos and videos of herself. Mia stirred headlines when she posed in black fishnets, a white bra, and denim cutoff shorts before she arrived to Coachella.

In another photo, the blonde songstress showed off her stomach in a black-and-white crop top and cutoff denim shorts. Pia is also reportedly collaborating with Black Eyed Peas’ Will.i.am on a new track.

“Working with Pia Mia was amazing. This is not the last time I am going to work with her. I’m so happy the way the video and the song came out. I hope you like Boys & Girls. Look out for me and Pia Mia collaborating in the future.”

What are your thoughts on Pia Mia’s new song? Do you think she wants to date Justin Bieber? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for American Express]