‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Carlos Is Confronted, Griffin Shares A Shocker, And Nikolas Makes Threats Toward Rachel

'General Hospital' star Jeffrey Vincent Parise

Viewers got a lot of juicy drama during Thursday’s episode of General Hospital, and spoilers share that Friday’s will be jam-packed with action as well. Carlos and Anna were both found alive, but he isn’t expected to make it. Viewers had been teased that a secret regarding Griffin would come out, and while it is a shocker for those in Port Charles, many fans saw this one coming. Where are things headed on the May 13 show?

Michael found Carlos and pulled him out of the water, but Rivera went into cardiac arrest and Griffin told everybody that he probably would not survive. Anna wanted to question him, but Griffin said only a priest or chaplain would be allowed into his room.

This is where one of Griffin’s big secret came out, as he revealed that he is a priest. Fans had a hunch that the doctor had a past of this nature, considering all of the statements he has made about faith and such. However, We Love Soaps notes that Sonny and Anna will be stunned by the news. Is this what will propel Anna to confront him about lying?

General Hospital spoilers for Friday’s show indicate that Anna and Sonny will get a chance to see Carlos, with Griffin next to them, and they will both be pushing Rivera to reveal the truth about Julian ordering the hit on Duke. Will Rivera come clean before he kicks the bucket once and for all? He doesn’t necessarily have any reason to do that, but fans will have to tune in to see if he can be convinced.

Julian is the one who stabbed Carlos, but General Hospital spoilers share that Paul will consider Sonny to be a prime suspect. Given all of the drama between Julian and Sonny over the years, this will surely leave Julian pretty delighted. He has done what he can to cover his tracks, but that spot Nina saw on his shirt could come back to haunt him and Alexis is on the verge of figuring out how deceptive he has been with her.

Alexis has been in deep denial when it comes to believing what her husband tells her, but a heartbreaking confrontation is coming soon. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps hint that Alexis will be concerned when she talks with Julian about Carlos’ stabbing and he doesn’t seem shocked by the news. He may be stunned to hear that Rivera is still alive, but it sounds as if Alexis may finally be close to facing the fact that her husband has been lying to her. Can their marriage survive this?

Friday’s episode also brings more action related to Nikolas and Rachel/Hayden. The two have agreed to stay married for now given how much they both hold over the other, but that doesn’t mean that the relationship is loving and cheerful. In fact, General Hospital spoilers share that Nikolas and Rachel will be having quite the confrontation during this next show and he promises to make her life miserable. She is said to ask Curtis for some help, but it doesn’t look like she plans to give up and leave Port Charles anytime soon.

Can Rachel turn things around and come out on top when it comes to this relationship with Nikolas? Will Carlos really die this time and will he confirm that Julian ordered the hit on Duke before he dies? What more is Griffin hiding? There are plenty more twists and turns on the way this month, and fans are anxious to see what comes next on General Hospital.

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