Al Roker Freezes On Live TV Over Painful Awkwardness [Video]

Either Al Roker has some pretty serious medical issues that he hasn’t told anyone about, or he’s just about had it with Today co-hosts Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie. Roker just froze today. Stopped moving. All on live TV.

Roker just might be waging war on his Today co-hosts Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie. Roker, just last week, made a joke that some interpreted as a dig at Lauer’s treatment of ex-host Ann Curry. Roker later denied that the quip was about Curry’s departure, but then why the awkward silence? Then Tuesday, during what MSN called “normal (read: soul-crushing) banter” between co-hosts Lauer and Guthrie, Roker just froze up.

For a while …

To be fair, we would have frozen up too what with the general vibe of weird white-people awkwardness put off by Lauer and Guthrie. Today’s offense? The two engaging in an awkward slow dance that they then compared to a junior high school dance (gag us). Then the coup de gras: Savannah made a joke about “leaving room for the Holy Ghost.” That’s when things got weird, notes Twirlit.

This moment belonged to Lauer and Guthrie (in their minds, anyway), and we think that Roker knew it. He was wallpaper. So he just … stopped moving. Stared into the camera for a full 17 seconds (an agonizing eternity on live TV). His facial expression pretty much encapsulating how we all felt at the moment.

We earnestly hope that these are Roker shenanigans and that he’s not sick or just getting nutty as he ages. We also hope that “Al Roker shenanigans”‘ starts trending soon if he’s going to keep this up.

Here’s the video of Roker freezing in the awkwardness: