Gaians worship Snoop Dogg?

Virtual Greats LLC and Gaia Online announced that virtual goods inspired by Snoop Dogg and Marvel’s The Incredible Hulk are now available to Gaia’s more than 7 million monthly users as part of the new Celebrity Snare section of the teen’s virtual hangout.

Gaia users can not spice up their avatars with Snoop Dogg’s hairstyle to The Hulk’s tattered purple pants, and more virtual good from today’s celebrities. The launch of celebrity virtual goods in Gaia represents the first time fully licensed celebrity-branded virtual items have been sold in a virtual world.

Each month, Gaia users (called Gaians) will vote on the celebrity they worship the most (yup, yo read it right… worship). Gaia will then observe the celebrity and come up with virtual goods for members to use. So, does this mean that Gains worship Snoop Dogg and The Incredible Hulk? It must be time now to keep my kids away from Gaia then.