Adam Carolla Hammers President Obama For Howard University Speech

Adam Carolla hammered President Obama on the latest episode of his podcast for comments the president recently made at a Howard University commencement address.

Obama told the soon-to-be graduates that one of his “pet peeves” was people who have been successful “and don’t realize they may have been lucky.”

Taking objection to the gist of Obama’s remarks, the comedian said he understood “there is a definition of luck that you can distill down to a certain point,” like one cold argue “that everyone born post-cholera is extremely lucky” and that there was a time “when one third of the population died from the flu.”

“So using your logic, I’m going to say anyone born after that is lucky,” Carolla said.

Adam Carolla grew up in poverty, dropped out of community college, and cut his teeth in radio before achieving national success with turns on MTV’s Loveline and Comedy Central’s The Man Show alongside friend and colleague Jimmy Kimmel.

He frequently takes a hardline libertarian stance on political issues, particularly those involving fiscal and personal responsibility, so when someone tweeted him the Obama Howard U speech, it was destined to rile him up.

“I don’t know why we can’t stop talking about this,” he continued. “It’s more of an enabler and a hobbler than it is a motivator. Stop with the lucky and you didn’t earn it or didn’t deserve it stuff. And by the way, knock it off on the people who are paying all the taxes. Let’s get a nice news cycle of not being f***ing kneed in the groin for paying for everyone constantly and all the time. Just shut the f*** up and get to work. It’s the worst and most poisonous message any politician could send especially at the Presidential level.”

The co-hosts of the Adam Carolla Podcast also remarked how the last thing they would want to hear if they worked hard for a degree from the prestigious Howard University for four years is “I got lucky.”

This only seemed to anger their boss more.

“At a certain point instead of apologizing, we need to start yelling at these politicians to stop poisoning everybody with their victimhood,” Carolla said.

This led to Carolla pointing at another politician who was actually brave enough to go on the Adam Carolla Podcast, California’s lieutenant governor Gavin Newsom, who stumbled with the funnyman in a now legendary cringeworthy interview that you can listen to in full below.

At this point in the episode, Carolla talked more about Newsom but tied him to Obama as politicians that don’t really offer solutions and just say what they can to get votes while continuing to “poison the well” for generations instead of empowering them to lead successful lives.

On this latest episode, Adam Carolla had this to say of Newsom.

“As a human being, he’s fine. As a politician, he’s dangerous because he is literally getting people killed by instituting policies that keep them in these environments where they can get shot and stabbed and imprisoned instead of empowering them.”

If you follow Carolla’s podcast, then you may not find it that surprising that he would come down as hard as he does on liberal politicians like Obama and Newsom. In an episode earlier this year, he said that he would be endorsing Ted Cruz for his desire to abolish the IRS, in spite of being an atheist and not holding Cruz’s conservative Christian values.

@adamcarolla “I don’t know any successful victims”- Adam Carolla…preach!!

— J.Michael Szemes (@szemes) May 12, 2016

But what do you think, readers? Did Adam Carolla go too far in criticizing President Obama’s remarks? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Image of Adam Carolla via Flickr Creative Commons / Eric Neitzel]